Twilight Archives 2.0

Posted 31 Oct 11

Welcome to the all new Twilight Archives website! It's been a long time in the making and we're thrilled to finally share it with you.

You'll immediately notice the completely new design and site strucutre. We've spent time working with users to understand how to better organise information and make the site easier to use. You should find the new site to be much faster and eaiser to use than the previous incarnation.

We've only really just got started - there's a bunch of new features and exciting things that we have in store. We'll share these plans with you in the coming weeks so that you can provide feedback and get involved in the future of the site.

As ever, we encouage you to contact us if you ever spot a bug, have an idea or just want to chat! We love hearing from you, the users of the site - we're here to make it better for you.


By admin

Posted 02 Dec 11

Whoops! We had a bug that prevented you from leaving comments on blog posts. That has now been fixed, so please do leave your comments and ideas below.

By toosmall808

Posted 03 Dec 11

on my stories the notes section wont show what i wrote. also when i tried to rate someone it wouldnt let me. maybe its just me but just wanted to let you know somethings i've had problems with. but i do love the new look!

By admin

Posted 06 Dec 11

@toosmall808: Thanks for the report. We're looking into those issues and will get back to you very shortly.

By susannah

Posted 31 Dec 11

Why is it that you still don't have a search bar?

By baby_vabi

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Posted 09 Apr 12

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By cottoncandy26

Posted 06 Aug 12

Where did all my favorited stories go? :(

By Nostalgia

Posted 25 Aug 14

What cottoncandy26 said! Also, is there a search feature?

By JudyLee

Posted 19 Oct 14

I have read the comments on your new site, but that is all. Is there a part that has stories? or do we keep them on the original site? I love your regular site. I have only read about 100 stories, so I have a long way to go. Thank you.

By GothVamp

Posted 09 Jun 16

Awesome! Have been wanting to write for a long time now I can make twilight stories!