Bug Zapping Continues

Posted 01 Dec 11

Development of the site continues! We've been spending some time killing the remaining bugs that have come to light. In the most recent update:

Create a series. A weird error message prevented you from creating a new series. Whoops! That's now resolved - please go ahead and create some series!

News commenting. You can now post a comment below all the news articles. So please say hello below.

Rotating story of the day. One story was stuck on the homepage - now, you'll see a new feastured story every day.

Thanks so much to all those who reported bugs to us. Please continue to hit the "Feedback" button on the right-side of the page to send us a quick report of any bugs you spot, or any ideas you have for the site. Thanks again!


By Randi garren

Posted 15 Jun 13

I'm 12 years old