Posted 30 Mar 07


By twilightaholic

Posted 22 Apr 07

WHER'D YOU GO????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

By TheLionAndTheLamb

Posted 23 Apr 07

yah...where are you?

By addictedtotwilight

Posted 02 May 07

Are you coming back anytime soon? We all want to know what happened with the Odd ship challenge.

By evermoreimmortal

Posted 04 May 07

I agree-- we all really want to know the results--If you can't post them soon, could you tell someone who would? I love this site dearly, but I must admit, it isn't as great as it used to be, because lots of stuff that really SHOULDN'T have been validated has been, and you aren't here. :(

By ShellBell

Posted 04 May 07

I totally agree. You've gotta be here to make sure our stuff is okay! Some stuff is kinda scary......

By BellaSwan

Posted 05 May 07

Kaiwynn.... Where are you. Things are crazy around here. We need you!!!! Come save us.