Posted 28 May 07

Twilight Archives has a Livejournal!   Click here to see it.


The purpose of the LJ is for TA'ers to get together and talk about random Twilight stuff.  It doesn't matter what you post about, just as long as it relates to Twilight.  What's your favorite story on TA?  Have any really pretty fanart recommendations?  Just remember, do not post any submissions on the Twilight Archives LJ.


I also made another community called ta_validation.  That's where I post what I validate and when.  So every time I go through a batch of submissions, you get to hear about it.  The best thing to do with that community is add it to your friends page so you get updates as soon as they happen.


I realize a lot of you don't have LiveJournals...why don't you get one?  It's free.  Just sign up right here.  If you have any questions, first refer to the LiveJournal FAQ, then you can go ahead and email me.


What do you think about this?  Leave a comment here and let me know. 


By awsomealice94

Posted 28 May 07

i have no clue what i just did but i got a live journal-but now i am totally confused on how to go from there......... i don't know if its a good idea cause i have no clue what to do, or what the heck a live journal is, and apparently i have one now-omg what do i do???