Validation Rules + Kaiwynn's Birthday

Posted 28 Nov 07

To begin with, I am hereby imposing new rules reguarding validation. You don't have to like them. You really don't have to complain about them to the admins. But, they're here.

-Only submit one chapter at a time. More than one story is fine, but only single chapters may be submitted at a time.

-You must wait at least 24 hours before resubmitting a rejected piece. This is merely for my sanity and to give you all more time to revise.

That's it. Just those two. Moving on, tomorrow is Kaiwynn's birthday. I, co-admin, do hereby declare November 29th a Twilight Archives Holiday. This means, the queues are closed at midnight tonight and will reopen at midnight the next day. Any chapters submitted during that period will be deleted.

Ways to celebrate Kaiwynn's wonder:

-Leave her a review.

-Email her to say 'Happy Birthday'

-Follow the rules she has set out

Thank you loads for your cooperation!!



By Eternitys_charm

Posted 28 Nov 07

those rules are fair enough =] P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAIWYNN!

By DarkSunshine

Posted 28 Nov 07

okay then we should make that an official [twilight] holiday!! i bet there are enough people on this website to actually make it a holiday if we all sign a petition or something and submit it to the congress))

By Marauder by Midnight

Posted 28 Nov 07

Happy birthday! :)

By TwilightFanatic

Posted 29 Nov 07

happy birthday!! Enjoy!

By Mrs Cullen

Posted 29 Nov 07

sounds fair enough :) ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

By TheLionAndTheLamb

Posted 29 Nov 07



Posted 30 Nov 07

i know i'm a day late, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KAIWYNN!!!!!


Posted 30 Nov 07

i know i'm a day late, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KAIWYNN!!!!!

By Eclipse

Posted 30 Nov 07

Happy belated birthday, Kaiwynn! I hope you have a great birthday—everyone knows you deserve it!

By bellamarieswancullen

Posted 03 Dec 07

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By qira

Posted 06 Dec 07

can you send me a full list of the rules so it's easier to follow?

By Clair de Lune

Posted 09 Dec 07

Happy Birthday,I hope you had a great day, thing knows you deserve it. Do we have any other Twilight Archive Holidays?

By Bella_Edward13

Posted 11 Dec 07

Whens the next challenge??