Jared Challenge Winners

Posted 23 Mar 08

G'day, m'lovelies. I'm here this afternoon to present to you the Jared Challenge Winners!

 Sorry for the delay, but here they are!


In 3rd Place- Upside Down by Kimmer

In 2nd Place- Vivacity by london_calling

And the 1st Place winner is...drumroll please... A Dying Wish by Chadley


These are all incredible stories and I strongly encourage you to read them the instant they are posted. Thank you all for your wonderful submissions and please join us for our next challenge.

Happy writing!,

Kaiwynn and Brooke


By girlysquirrelly

Posted 23 Mar 08

cool. can't wait to read the winning story.

By addictedtotwilight

Posted 23 Mar 08

Ah ha! I'm writing a story with a challenge winner!

By topaz_eyes_in_forks

Posted 24 Mar 08

Congratulations to chadley! She's an amazing author and deserves the title of first place.

By jumpstarter

Posted 26 Mar 08

Wow I'll have to check out Chadleys stories. In fact I'll go do that right now. Congrats by the way authors!!!

By Marauder by Midnight

Posted 27 Mar 08


By jAcOb BlAcK lver

Posted 28 Mar 08

if anyone wants to co-write a story, feel free to contact me with a rough plot line. Im totally willing to write about anything!!

By Lookin4MyEdward

Posted 30 Mar 08

sweet sweet...can't wait to read!!!

By bleedforyou

Posted 01 Apr 08

Attention! Keep alert for people who copy and paste your stories under their name on a different site! Can you believe this crap is still happening? Yeah, It happened to me! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1526768/sarahlynn196969this chick, she copied and pasted MY story, put it under a different name and put it on fanfiction.net. It's so horrible! I just found this out today, and she hasn't taken it down yet, even though three people (including me) have taken actions. Just letting you guys know: this stuff is real, and it's BAD. It's sooo ILLEGAL!

By chadley

Posted 02 Apr 08

That's so horrible, bleedforyou. I literally just went onto that site and searched all my stories to make sure no one's copied. I still can't believe someone would do that!

By Kayla Ariev

Posted 04 Apr 08

That totally sucks bleedforyou -- I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple months ago. Some jerk on fanfiction.net stole a couple of my stories and couple other stories from this site. Those are finally down now. That person totally sucks!!

By Edwards Rose

Posted 04 Apr 08

I'm so sorry, bleedforyou! People who do that are RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL AND SHOULD BE SHOVED INTO SOME DARK CORNER FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!! *sorry, rant over* Does anyone know what's going on with the whole validaion thing...? Maybe I'm totally lost, but it seems like everything gets posted no matter what...I'm confused! :( ~Edward's Rose~

By awsomealice94

Posted 04 Apr 08

goodness, the stealing of TA stories is happening again? can't those fanfiction.net people think of something by themselves? the bad part is that we have no idea if there is a double of our story out there! how do people find out about their stories on fanfiction.net anyways? its like impossible to go through them all... so sorry bleedforyou

By addictedtotwilight

Posted 05 Apr 08

Umm... she still hasn't taken it down! What the heck is her problem? Did you write to the admin or something? And I can totally tell people that the story is really yours. Gr.... Stupid, unimaginative, wacky word womping wierdos!

By meltingsun

Posted 06 Apr 08

That's horrible what that person did, bleedforyou. But don't feel too bad about it, it just proves what a good writer you are! Everyone wants your stories so much that they steel them! Anywho, I hope that the little copy-cat takes it down soon enough.

By bleedforyou

Posted 07 Apr 08

Thanks so much for the support guys. I can't believe she STILL hasn't taken it down! TA's admin, three other people, and I all sent her messages, abuse reports, emails, and reviews. And she STILL won't take it down. Is she totally cracked in the head? haha, sorry, rant over ;)

By awsomealice94

Posted 08 Apr 08

hehe...i was one of the people that left her a nasty review and an sbuse report-but what can you expect? she stole a story! anyways, i think everyone knows that it's not hers by now, but still she should take it down

By chadley

Posted 08 Apr 08

Argh, this is so frustrating and horrible about what she did! I sent a review on the story telling her to take it down and an abuse report, but who knows what she'll do. People like that really get on my nerves.

By addictedtotwilight

Posted 09 Apr 08

I think we all left her nasty reviews. What the Hell is her problem? People typically take the stories down as soon as they get caught. She must be a little cracked.