Twilight Clip

Posted 01 Jun 08

So, if you missed out on the MTV Movie Awards and did not see the clip, here's a link to the clip.

Also, the first chapter and the book cover are out, and the link of the cover for Breaking Dawn is right here and also here you can download the preface and the first chapter for the novel. Enjoy!


PS. I was in NYC this weekend and I have good news: I'm interning at the Art Institute of New York! Sorry, I'm just so excited! Have a good Sunday!


By topaz_eyes_in_forks

Posted 02 Jun 08

I saw the clip when it premiered on MTV. One word: amazing! Rob was gorgeous. As was Cam, though he was evil. Now for my opinion on the cover: very cool. I'm trying to figure out what it means. I (like many other people on this site) am a fan of Harry Potter. In the first movie, a character is sacrificed for the well-being of another. I'm getting bad vibes. But what's cool is I saw the cover two weeks before it was released. While searching on the internet, I found this link: When I found it, I flipped. Don't you just LOVE the internet?

By lustandthrill

Posted 02 Jun 08

I love the internet too much, I think. I also thought that too, the chess pieces are obviously two opposing sides and sometimes you have to sacrifice the queen. I'm not sure, but I'm excited!