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Posted 17 Feb 07

Well, guys, it was very hard -- and no, I'm not just saying that to make y'all feel better -- to choose a winner of the No Dialogue challenge. But here's the top three:

3. A Lesson in Hatred by PacificNorthWet

2. Words by HerBeautifulLie

1. Gifts by Warui-Usagi

Woohoo! Congratulations! Those three stories got their own little button/banner thing that I made (and yes, I need help in the graphics department :D so that spot's open!) in the summary. And there's a new category for the challenge submissions, so you guys get to see everything I saw. They're all nice stories, so they deserve to be on the site.

To answer the question that I know is coming -- yes, there's a new challenge! It's called the Odd Ship challenge, where you write a fic starring the strangest non-canon ship you can think of. Email all stories to by March 31.

Even though I've set up a "Challenges" category, don't submit them to the site -- don't want people to steal your ideas! I haven't thought of a prize yet, so for now, you can get your link up on the front page and knock down Warui-Usagi's link :) (If you have suggestions for a good reward, zap me an email.)

In other news, I'm trying to update the efiction software that this site runs on, so if I were you, I wouldn't submit a story in case it gets lost. Just a fair warning -- I'm going to do everything I can to keep that from happening. I've been waiting for this update for a long time!




p.s. To clarify, for those who don't know, a non-canon ship is a relationship that would never happen in the books.  An example of one would be Bella romantically hooking up with Aro.  Or, Edward cheating on Bella with Jessica Stanley.  Use your imagination and be creative with it!


By Calwyn

Posted 17 Feb 07

Huh? What do you mean by non-canon ship? Srry, I don't really get this...

By Natasha_Cullen

Posted 18 Feb 07

I don't get it either

By evermoreimmortal

Posted 18 Feb 07 really stupid, what the heck is a canon ship? or a non canon ship for that matter?

By HerBeautifulLie

Posted 18 Feb 07

Explination:Non-canon is a ship that isn't printed in the book. So, no Esme/Carlise or Bella/Edward. :[ But, my question is: Are original characters allowed? Not to be used as part of the main pairing or anything, but to be mentioned in the story? Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't so I thought I'd ask before I started writing. =] &If you could tell me what graphic program you use, I could try to help you out in the graphics department. =] I know my way around Photoshop CS2 pretty well and can donate some of my fonts, brushes, patterns and gradiants if you'd like to use them. Just go ahead and drop me a quick note if you need any help with those. =] Thanks so much in advance!

By MrsLainieCullen

Posted 19 Feb 07

Conon...ship? What does that mean?

By evermoreimmortal

Posted 20 Feb 07

ah ha!! i get it!

By DaisyStPatience

Posted 20 Feb 07

canon is an agreed set of rules. so that would be keeping fics within the twilight universe and storyline. so non-canon is the opposite. is there anymore rules or is it just anything non-canon?

By Kaiwynn

Posted 21 Feb 07

No, that's all. It just has to be a non-canon relationship -- the more interesting, the better.

By loveforedward

Posted 26 Feb 07

does it have to be a man and woman?