Posted 08 Aug 08

Okay, guys. I'm trying my hardest to organize the Post-Eclipse and Breaking Dawn categories so that any stories that have no spoilers from Breaking Dawn end up in the Post-Eclipse category, while any stories that DO have spoilers from Breaking Dawn end up in the Breaking Dawn category.

There's only 30 or so left for me to manage in the Breaking Dawn category. However, for some reason, it loads extremely slow when I try to update the category. I can get maybe 7 or 8 done in 30-45 minutes.

So, for those of you with Breaking Dawn categorized stories that really shouldn't be in that category, can you do me a huge favor? Make sure you move them into the Post-Eclipse category.

Thanks, and hopefully this helps make things a bit more organized around here!


By Blonde Bella

Posted 08 Aug 08

Thanks for working on this!

By j3nn

Posted 08 Aug 08

Of course! :)

By Alexandria Swan

Posted 22 Sep 16

Are we allowed OC characters as I want to bring my own in