Back from hiatus

Posted 04 Mar 07

Well, I took a little break from Feb. 22 - Mar. 3, and let me tell you, I was overwhelmed when I got back. I felt like I'd taken a vacation and come home...only to find that the dishes needed to be washed and the dogs needed to be taken out. 75 submissions awaited me when I opened up the validation queue. And as if that were not enough, more people were submitting while I was validating!

But I'm not complaining. I'm so proud of everyone who's written something for my site. You all are making Twilight Archives what it really is -- a place for anyone to enjoy Twilight fan fiction. 

I'll be working very hard on this website to get all the stories validated by the end of today. I've got another project, too -- recategorizing stories by character. You may have noticed that the character selection has changed, so a bunch of stories don't have characters. If you want to help me out, please add the characters to your stories! Remember to hold down the Ctrl button and click to select multiple characters.

And I've got a little present for y'all: a fic!  Hehe.  It's been a long time since I've posted anything, eh?  Read and review please: Unbreakable

Also, a reminder: the Odd Ship challenge is still going on! Write about a non-canon ship -- the more creative, the better. To clarify, for those who don't know, a non-canon ship is a relationship that would never happen in the books. An example of one would be Bella romantically hooking up with Aro. Or, Edward cheating on Bella with Jessica Stanley. Use your imagination and be creative with it! Email your submissions to by March 31 -- don't submit them to the site!


By loveforedward

Posted 06 Mar 07

YAY YOUR BACK!!! but I never saw if you answered my one question... OH sorrry never mind adios!

By Kaiwynn

Posted 06 Mar 07

Thanks so much for the welcome :) And if you have any questions, it's probably best to email me.

By awsomealice94

Posted 09 Mar 07

soooo glad your back!