Posted 31 Aug 08

Hey, all. First of all, thank you so much for following the rules! Out of a good amount of submissions, I only had to reject two. Yay!

Secondly, I'm going to be going through the archives slowly (I'm probably dooming myself by even mentioning this because of the massive amount of submissions on this website). People have been contacting me or just mentioning around the site that there are stories with terrible grammar and spelling. So I'm going to hack through them all and hopefully weed out the ones that need to be fixed.

And lastly, because I feel bad for posting a news bulletin so soon after Kaiwynn announced the forums, here's a re-cap:

So I've heard from at least a few of you over the lifespan of this website, asking for a forum specifically for Twilight Archives users.


With the help of my lovely lovely forum admin Ann (you'll see her call herself Parasite) it's finally been done.

So what are you waiting for? Go join the forum! You can find it here:

I would love it if you used the same penname as you use for the main site, but I'm not going to ban you if you don't. Perhaps a little note in your signature to tell us who you are wouldn't be out of place.

Rules and guidelines are posted everywhere; you can't miss them. Read them. They're there for a reason.

But if you still have a question, you've got plenty of options: ask it in the Questions forum, email me, use the site Contact page, comment to this post...

Please advertise the forum to all your friends, too! We want to have a party :)



By Blonde Bella

Posted 31 Aug 08

Ugh, the pre-mod/submission que days. It wasn't bad for a while, but then the site hit a period before the que started up where it had gotten to big to go un-moderated and there were a lot of things going through that were well below par. Good luck sorting through everything, though. You're much more patient than I am.

By Nightrose

Posted 31 Aug 08

for everyone who said they'd read aro/dumbledore:

By Blonde Bella

Posted 01 Sep 08

Hmm, what about Jacob/Harry? I might have to look into that...

By Nightrose

Posted 01 Sep 08

lol. that sounds like a good idea too.

By YouAreNotLeavingMe

Posted 04 Sep 08

Jacob/harry? That is something i'd totally read.

By Kayla Ariev

Posted 08 Sep 08

The Novel Novice Twilight Sept. FanFiction Challenge is now posted: