Posted 15 Nov 08

Personally, I have no problem with songfics.  If done properly, the story as a whole can actually be enhanced by the lyrics.

However, sometimes people use the lyrics as an excuse for not writing a better fic.  Thus, we have a new rule:

If your songfic contains more lyrics than fic, it will be deleted.

Of course, your fic must be at least 500 words, EXCLUDING LYRICS.

Thanks for your patience, everyone.  I'm just trying to make sure people write the best fics they can.  Who knows?  If you go through your fic and delete excess lyrics (words that aren't yours), adding more to the meat of the story, you might end up with a better tale.




By awsomealice94

Posted 15 Nov 08

personally i don't write song fics for that reason-you're putting somebody elses work into your story-and that bothers me for some reason. so i think its a good rule-as long as you have more of your own work in song fics you can really call it your own :)

By Vampire Girl

Posted 15 Nov 08

I like the rule. Or if you don't have enough words, can't you just call it poetry? Songs really are just poetry, read off in a sing-song voice. At least that's how I view it. Yeah, i am the weird one. But that's okay. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique. Weird is GOOD!!!! And the random one!

By Emma Cullen

Posted 20 Nov 08

I think it's a good idea. I mean whats the point in a fic if it's mainly someone else's work. Pointless i think.

By awsomealice94

Posted 21 Nov 08

guys-i have one request i think i speak for everyone on here when i say 'PLEASE DON'T POST SPOLIERS OF THE TWILIGHT MOVIE!' in a special forum labeled 'THE TWILIGHT MOVIE' is where all of the discussing and jumping up and down with glee of how good it was can go. its just, i can't even see it until Wednesday, and even though i've watched some scenes in interviews and stuff i REALLY want to be surprised and excited. i don't want anyone ruining that for anybody. thanks!

By YouAreNotLeavingMe

Posted 22 Nov 08

I totally agree with you awesomealice94. I don't get to see the movie until December 4th...and that when they release it in the UAE. I want the movie to blow me away as well, and i want to be completely suprised. I hope no one spoils anything for anyone...unless they wanna be spoiled. Lol. Naiha

By crazypeez

Posted 23 Nov 08

okok AwesomeAlice94, you're right. But the movie is alot like the book. They just had to change some details (that i miss :[) to make it fit into 2hours. Imagine, fitting 500pages into 2hours. SA NE MARCHERAI PAS TRES BIEN MADAME! Which means: IT WOULDN'T WORK TOO WELL, MISS! Thats in French... :] Yeah, I speak French :) That's what you get with living in Quebec, Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You also get a little crazy with exclamation marks!