Posted 21 Dec 08

Some questions answered:

Q: Where have you been? Is anybody validating? HELLOOO, earth to mods?
A: I was sick, and the other two haven't been on, obviously. No one was validating because of the crazy schedules we're on, but I'm back now and validating madly. Expect a flood in the recent submissions.

Q: Has my story been lost?
A: Nope, it's there. Over 200 submissions are in the queue so, rest assured, they're all still there.

Q: Do you need help? I could help...
A: I don't have the authority to make that decision. You'll have to contact Kaiwynn.

Q: My story disappeared, but I didn't get a rejection later. Help?
A: Because of the massive amounts of submissions, any author's notes, links to other sites such as "the story/pic wouldn't upload but you can find it here..", etc. are just being deleted. You know the rules, guys. Come on, I know you can follow them better than this.

If I sound irritated, I'm sorry. I'm really not. It's just hard to get through all of these submissions.

Honestly, if it weren't for all of you dedicated members, I probably wouldn't have gotten back on for awhile. But I pushed myself because I don't want to let everyone down.

Patience, guys, and everything will be there. I'm sorry for the massive delay.


Okay, now I AM irritated. Just because I haven't validated in awhile doesn't mean my standards for validating are going to go down. YOU STILL HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES. I won't reject your story if you do. If your story is rejected, I'm not saying you didn't work hard on it. Not at all. I'm saying that you need to fix it so that other people will better appreciate it before you post it on the site. I'm helping YOU by doing this, not me. And I'm helping all of the people who read stories on this site so that they don't have to sort through a bunch of junk to find a story that actually has proper grammar/spelling/a moderate length/etc. It would be so much easier for me to just validate everything and be lazy just because I didn't feel like going through 200 submissions.

Honestly, I could just not sign back on, and then NOTHING would be validated. And I know you don't want that. Neither do I. So please, don't disrespect ME because you don't know how to write or can't follow the clearly posted rules correctly. I pushed myself to get back on here, while in reality I'm recovering from meningitis and should be in bed.

I'm sorry to those who do appreciate what I'm trying to do for you, and thank you for all the support. Really, it means the world to me.


By iluvedwardcullen

Posted 21 Dec 08

I just looked on the most recent stories and I lost track of how many had been validated today!! It's actually amazing. It just doesn't seem fair to me, though. You always seem to be the one apologising, and it's not just your fault. Maybe you should talk to Kaiwynn. You just seem to be doing a lot of this by yourself. There are lots of people who would be thriled to help out. Anyway, keep up the fantastic job!

By exgymnastbritt

Posted 22 Dec 08

i'm sorry people aren't following the rules. =[
you are *awesome*. you do soo much for us. thanks a bunch =]

By Blonde Bella

Posted 22 Dec 08

If anybody doesn't like the rules on here, there are other sites out there that they can use. They aren't as well run and it takes hours to find a decent story and not as many people read there because of it, but hey, that's their perrogative (did I spell that right?).

By YouAreNotLeavingMe

Posted 22 Dec 08

So if we wanted to help, we just email Kaiwynn and ask if she needs more help for submissions? And btw, you;re doing a fantastic job, even though, you're sick and all. Get well soon! :-)

By j3nn

Posted 22 Dec 08

Thanks guys. Really. :] I'm glad to see you guys aren't too angry with me for falling behind with submissions.

YouAreNotLeavingMe -- Yep, just email Kaiwynn. Maybe she'll take up the offer. :]