mods wanted!

Posted 22 Dec 08

I haven't exactly talked to Jenn or Gabby about this yet, haha, but this announcement needs to be made.

Mods wanted!

If you'd like to be a validator of Twilight Archives, send your answer to these questions to kaiwynn @ twilightarchives . com:


How often can you validate?

Do you write stories yourself?  If so, can I have a link please?

Are you willing to work with other people?

Anything else?


If you're clever, you'll recognize these questions from the last time I asked around for mods.  But that was seven months ago, and I thought I should get a fresh batch of applications instead of asking after people who have probably left the fandom by now.  If you applied before, you should definitely apply again!


Thanks, everyone! 


By Olji and Lena

Posted 23 Dec 08

Hey!! I am so glad to have this opportunity! I am volunteering right now! -olji

By YouAreNotLeavingMe

Posted 23 Dec 08

Yay! I'm so glad you guys are doing this! I've already sent in my application.

By j3nn

Posted 23 Dec 08

I think I speak for both Gabby and myself when I say..

Mods are definitely needed.

By Savannah_Cullen

Posted 23 Dec 08

When should we be expecting the results? :)

By Blonde Bella

Posted 23 Dec 08

Whatever happened to Brooke? She hasn't been on at all for at least a year now, and I don't remember her saying anything about leaving, though it is possible I missed it...

By YouAreNotLeavingMe

Posted 24 Dec 08

I just wanted to say... Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a good holiday! <3

By cullenluver

Posted 25 Dec 08

I just sent mine a little bit ago! Can't wait to find out!

By Isabella

Posted 27 Dec 08

Just sent mine in now!!! Super excited!!!!

By lustandthrill

Posted 31 Dec 08