Posted 25 Mar 09

Hey Guys,

My mom has taken away my computer from now till the end of the summer. Basically I'm on a forced and very long hiatus.


I'm so sorry.


<3 Iris 


By sketchygirl

Posted 25 Mar 09

OH NO! =(

By awsomealice94

Posted 25 Mar 09

aw :(

By Ghostwriter71

Posted 25 Mar 09

Man, I am going to miss all your angsty stories...seriously! I must have angst!!!

By j3nn

Posted 25 Mar 09

aw darling i'll miss you

By Bella_Cullen_wanna_be

Posted 25 Mar 09

Dang that sucks...I love your stories...well...maybe you'll get off for good behaviour or something! :D Anyway see you in September I guess...bye... :(

By exgymnastbritt

Posted 26 Mar 09

missing you already.
all your awesomeness...
well you'd best be up here next september, asap.

By black2red

Posted 26 Mar 09

I think its safe to say that we'll all miss Iris :*[ She'll hurry back, though!