Rule Mixup Confirmation

Posted 26 Mar 09

Directly Posted from the Submission Rules:


10) Only submit one chapter at a time. More than one story is fine, but only single chapters may be submitted at a time.


I really hope this clears up any confusion, but if you guys have any questions or comments about it, then comment here first, please.


On a side note, I really don't mean to take any attention away from Iris's absence. We all miss her very much and look forward to her return :)



By Blonde Bella

Posted 27 Mar 09

Man, I'm jealous of those people who have the bug to write that much right now. I am, however, in agreement with the mods--one chapter at a time is more than enough, and it makes it easier to get every story updated/posted.

By j3nn

Posted 29 Mar 09

thank you TONSANDTONS for figuring that out :]

By black2red

Posted 30 Mar 09


By aliceLaws

Posted 09 Apr 09

hi guys.. i've submitted my chap last week and it still hasn't been updated or rejected... ;( just need to know why? in case its lost or something