Posted 14 Mar 10

There were over 200 submissions in the queue on Friday.

OVER 200.

You guys are ridiculously productive, I'm serious. 

That's not the point, though. The point is that I worked through them all, and noticed two things that I had two rules that were repeatedly ignored.

1. Stories must be categorized appropriately. Only put your story in one category.

2. Only submit one chapter at a time. More than one story is fine, but only single chapters may be submitted at a time.

You need to wait until you have received a confirmation email saying that your submission has been accepted or rejected respectively, before waiting 24 hours and submitting again. 
Thank you to everyone who did follow our submission rules, because other than those two problems, everything was relatively easy to validate quickly. 
Not knowing the submission rules makes it harder for everyone. You don't get your chapter validated, everyone who DID follow the rules is in line behind you to get validated, and it creates a lot more work for the person validating. It really is easier to click validate than to send the email saying what was wrong and click reject. 

Thank you - 



By iluvnessie luvluvluv

Posted 15 Mar 10

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO very much for updating!! I was very excited when I got up to 7 pages of stories! : D <3, iluvnessie luvluvluv

By iluvnessie luvluvluv

Posted 22 Mar 10

Anyone know what that story is where Bella's 4 guy best friends come to forks around when eclipse took place and meets the Cullen's and thells them a bunch of stuff about Bella when she was in Pheonix?? Please, I need help!! Thanx!

By Loch Ness Werewolf

Posted 26 Mar 10

WOW! OVER 200?!?! and i cant even brainstorm enough ideas to update my stories! BUT thats because im working really hard at a story that i hope to get published!!!!!!! its sooo good and stuff and so i cant get out of that frame of mind and into a twilight one srry guys:(

By awsomealice94

Posted 10 Apr 10

wow. can i just say that the last time there were only 2 stories on the Most Recent page was when i just joined in 2007 and TA was on it's second month...with only 70 members at the very most. This is crazy!

By iluvnessie luvluvluv

Posted 12 Apr 10

No updates this weekend???? : (

By EdwardCullenObsessor

Posted 02 May 10