Posted 17 May 10

I've been very busy, but I've been chipping away slowly at the submissions queue during the time when I'm supposed to be working on a Literary Analysis essay. I would be able to get through the queue much quicker if everyone just remembered (please!) that you should only put your story in one category, and that you should only be submitting one chapter at a time. Also, with artwork, check to see if the photo is showing up before you submit it. It's impossible for me to validate a submission when the actual submission isn't shown...

Thanks for all the great work, everyone! I love reading through the submissions, and I'm sure so do all the other mods....



By JokesOnJane

Posted 17 May 10

Thanks J3nn!! :)

By Loch Ness Werewolf

Posted 12 Jun 10

Thanks! but i have a question. If there are so many, can't you just get more mods? I'm sure lots of people would help. I was just wondering. ~Loch Nessie

By awsomealice94

Posted 13 Jun 10

i kind of agree on that note... but anyway, that's not what i was going to comment on :) i think it would be good to do another challenge-you know, in light of how school is going to be out for everyone by the end of this week if they haven't already. I know it's hard to do validating as it is, but i really do think a challenge would make the site get a bit more back to normal. it's been pretty quiet here, and a challenge would help bring everyone back together

By obsessivemusican

Posted 14 Jun 10

I have a really quick question, I accidently deleted a review for a story. I sthere anyway I can get it back? And I totally feel your pain is got to be a lot to go through all of the submissions. I wish you luck.

By awsomealice94

Posted 14 Jun 10

no-i don't believe there is any way to bring back a deleated review. If it was your own then just re-review :) and if it wasn't and it was on one of your stories i would send that person a messege explaining what happened, if you know who it is. i hope that helps