I'm back!

Posted 19 Jun 10

After a year of absence from modly duties, I am back for the summer. And there is currently 177 submissions in the queue. I missed this site and the old members that are still around, and hello to the newbs! I'm Gabby, one of the mods of this wonderful site. So, like Jenn said in the latest news article, be patient, follow the guidelines, and everything will be smooth sailing. -g.


By _mybloodsingstohim_

Posted 19 Jun 10

Yay for active mods! Welcome back! :D

By Annabell

Posted 17 Jul 10

Hi! All right, here is my situation. I have a series that I want to post on this site, but when I click on “add a new series“; it says, “You are not authorized to access this function”. I did not want to make the fixation of my life a story; I wanted to make it a series. So, after it said I could not add a series, I tried posting it as a story. I posted it, and every time I would go into “my stories” for the next few weeks, it would be in there, but it would say that it had not been validated. Then I went in my stories one day and it was gone, just gone. I had not received any email saying that it had been validated or not, and nothing was in my spam folder. This also happened on two more occasions. It is long enough, and it is pg-13, and that‘s only because of probable kissing scenarios, there is no lemon. I do not know what to do! So…it would be really great if you could give me auto- validation. I just want to have a series that other people can read! I have went though so much trouble to perfect this series; I spend endless hours writing it, and endless hours checking it and reading it for mistakes and misspelled words. This is the very first thing I have ever written just because I wanted to, not because I had to. I committed to it, and I work so hard to make it just right. I was so ecstatic when I was ready to make it into a series, and now I just do not know what to do with myself. I know, I probably sound ridiculous; “It’s just a story”, right? Incorrect. This series has taken over my entire life, and I just want people to read it. I have never posted anything, anywhere, because I have never really put pen to paper. I am a person who does not give a flying flick about anything, but this is super important to me. I have been trying to post this thing for like 6 months now, and it never works. It is so exasperating! Can you sympathize with this mad woman long enough to tell me what is wrong and how to fix it? Please, I plead to you! You would make my life so magnificent if you could be of assistance to me, honestly. Yes, I am desperate. Just do me a favor? Please, when you tell me anything about what is wrong, or what I need to do; please explain to me in extreme detail, because I’ve been finding out recently that I am not so clever in the computer branch/ technologies division. So…please. Help a poor girl out! Can you please give me auto-validation? Love Annabell

By Newborn

Posted 27 Jul 10

Yea, I put my story up a while ago and my friend said that her starie has been up a while, and both of ours isnt been validated and would verry much like it to be :) I already have chapter 2 readey to send in to be validated and would verry much like it if someone could verrify it! the tytle is "My Waiting to Love"

By toosmall808

Posted 31 Jul 10

i just have a question. but why arent there a lot of recent stories updated? theres about only four stories. i just wanted to know.

By edwardbella4ever

Posted 03 Aug 10

No pressure, but PLEASE work on the updates! I submitted updates for multiple stories months ago!

By shakethesky

Posted 15 Aug 10

i was wondering if you needed help with anything xo