Posted 01 Sep 10

I would like to take a few minutes to remind some of you of two very important submission rules. 




This means waiting until you get a validation email before you submit the next chapter.

This makes EVERYTHING so much easier for everybody involved. 




This means ONE category. ONE. 

Again, this makes EVERYTHING easier for EVERYBODY involved.


Semester has started, and I know all the mods are busy trying to do well in school (this means a lot of homework and less time to validate). If you follow the rules, validation goes so much faster and all the authors and artists are happier because the site actually gets updated.


Speaking of semester starting - good luck to those starting classes!


 - Iris Messenger


By His Heroine

Posted 10 Nov 10

I have been waiting for over three months to get a chapter approved. It was submitted the first time in late August. When it wasn't approved six weeks later, I re-submitted again and have just done it again. I understand that people are in school, as am I, but three months is, quite frankly, unacceptable. Especially when taking into acount the fact that there are other stories and chapters being approved all the time.

By MyHeartIsYours

Posted 16 Nov 10

i know you may not have alot of time but the site is not getting updated at all. which is frankly rediculous. i subbmitted my stories a couple of months ago and they still havent been approved or rejcted and this is just taking the fucking piss. if you lot cant do the job at the moment get more fucking help

By Iris Messenger

Posted 02 Dec 10

@MyHeartIsYours Communicating civilly will get you a lot further than cursing anyone out. The general moderators don't have the access to the site to add more mods, so we can't get more help until Kaiwynn responds, which she has not to anything I have sent her. Everyone who moderates does not get paid, volunteers a large chunk of time to a task that is often frustrating, and nobody appreciates a rude member such as yourself. I understand you are annoyed, but really. Let's be mature about things. Apologies for the slowness in the queue, and forgive me if I put real-life obligations over a volunteer job on a fanfiction website.

By janetl

Posted 16 Dec 10

I too have waited several months for a story I submitted to be approved. I certainly understand the needs of RL, but It's kind of a bummer to have stories I would love to send here but can't because I still have one waiting.
As this was the first FF site I found (and loved BTW) I had really wanted to continue posting here, but as I do not have preferred status or even know how to get it, I rarely even come here anymore.
And to the rude person with no manners, there is no law saying you can't take you stuff elsewhere.

By MyHeartIsYours

Posted 17 Dec 10

if u mean me as the rude person with no manners i know that theres no need to state the obvious. i simply dont want to cos this ff site is one of the best for twilight :D and yes i know you have things going on but that still doesnt stop me getting annoyed and i know its volunteer btw im just more annoyed at the fact some stories seem to get updated nearly every week when some have been in the queue for months

By obsessivemusican

Posted 19 Dec 10

I hope that this isn't a inconvenience but I would like to ask, when the next oppurtunity you would have to work on the submissions. I completely understand about the real world problems and obstacle, I have many of the same concerns three advanced classes don't allow for a lot of time. Which is why I am asking, because I am trying to plan around school work and still update my stories, becuase getting feedback on my writing from people who don't know me is probably the best thing to help improve it. Thank you! Good luck with all the submissions, I know its quite a bit of work, and we all appreciate it.