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Early Return

Edward finally caves in and decides to come back to Bella early, will he be excepted back with open arms? *This is my first story so I hope you enjoy it
CHAPTER 8:Forever is up!

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the property of the lovely and talented Stephenie Meyer.

3. Deja vu

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As I ran, I found myself heading toward town instead of away from it. Finally, I stopped. I was in the woods across from Bella’s house. Without a thought, I crossed the road, and without breaking stride, I climbed up the side of the house and into her window.

Her room looked exactly as it did when I left. The rocking chair was still in the corner, and her bed was in the same spot as always. I went to the closet and opened the door. Sitting in the corner was a big, black garbage bag. Whatever was in it was way too big because the bag was stretched to the limit. Realization hit me as I figured out what it was; the stereo we gave her for her birthday.

I slammed the door shut; I couldn’t stand to think of that day anymore. So she had tried to get rid of everything that reminded her of me.

Maybe she had moved on, she was obviously trying to avoid the though of me. But if she had moved on, why would her face look so sad and sullen? The again, maybe she blocked the thought of me for the same reason I blocked the thought of her, so that the pain wouldn’t creep up on her. That sounded logical.

I left her room and went to the kitchen. I sat in the chair that I had sat in the night that we had gone to the meadow. The sense of déjà vu that washed through me now was amazing.

“How often?” she’d asked, “How often did you come here?”

“I come here almost every night,” I’d responded. I remember her face when she whirled to ask “Why?” I remembered the exact shade of scarlet that her face turned when I told her that I heard her talk in her sleep.

I smiled at the memory. That was one of the more pleasant ones I’d had today.

Then, I heard the excruciatingly loud motor of Bella’s truck pull up in the driveway. I was torn; should I go and wait to see her later, or should I wait here. The ringing of my phone made up my mind, I left.

When I got far enough from the house, I answered the phone. It was Alice.

“Edward, why are you waiting?” she asked, upset and irate.

“I’ll tell you what I told Emmett, It’s easier said than done!” I fumed.

“Men, there worse than women when it comes to feelings!!” she ranted.

I was so mad at her interruption that I couldn’t talk to her anymore, I hung up on her. I would here about that later.

Then, I went back into the house. Bella was in the kitchen. She was getting dinner ready for her and her father. It smelled like chicken. Disgusting.

I watched her from the doorway, careful not to make any movements. I was torturing myself. I was just feet away from her, and the smell of her blood! It was as intoxicating as ever. Then I saw that she was crying. I wanted to go put my arms around her and soothe her. Then I realized that she was cutting onions. I was probably the last person she wanted to see right now anyway.

Then I got a thought from Charlie. He was five minutes away. I would have to leave soon.

Then, her phone rang. She went to the wall to answer it.

“Hello?” Her voice was exactly the same and just as sweet. But now there was a hint of sadness in it.

“Oh my god, Alice?” she said, ecstatic.

I was fuming mad. How could Alice do something like this, she couldn’t be that mad that I hung up on her! I was going to kill her when she got back.

“Oh, hey Jess. Yeah I’m sorry,” she said. “No we didn’t have English homework, OK bye,” and she hung up the phone with a sigh.

Alice was safe from me, for now.

She went back to fixing dinner, her spirit crushed. She must really miss Alice, but I doubt that she missed me. She started to make a salad when I heard Charlie’s thoughts again; he was going to be home in two minutes. I had to go. I took one more look at Bella’s sweet angel’s face, and when upstairs to leave through her window.

When I got home, I had no clue what to do. I couldn’t go to town, some one would see me. I couldn’t stay here, I was going stir crazy. So, I decided to go to the meadow I had taken Bella to.

I went out back to get my Volvo. I drove the familiar route to the dead end road. I hesitated for a moment staring into the forest. Finally, I got out and started into the forest. I didn’t run; I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do this. I wondered if it would hurt to remember. After a half an hour walk, I was on the fringe of the meadow. It was not in full glory since the sun was not out. I took a deep breath and took a step into the meadow. I went into the center and lay back in the grass to remember.

There I was, laying in the grass, the sun shining down on me. Bella was tracing circles in my hand. I remembered the feel of her touch, so warm and soft. That was the first day that I was able to be close to her. It felt good to know that I could be open and honest to her and she wasn’t scared of me. I felt the agony when I told her that I had almost killed her. Even that didn’t faze her. Then again, she wasn’t exactly normal. I opened my eyes again. It was dark out. I looked at my watch; it read 8:30pm. I had been here for four hours. It was time to go. I got up to go back to my car. This time I ran.

I drove pack to my house, and parked my car in the back. I immediately set off in the direction of Bella’s house. I loved to watch her sleep; she was never too thrilled about it though. She was embarrassed that she said my name too much, but I never minded. She probably didn’t say my name anymore unless she was having a nightmare anyway.

When I got there, she was talking to her dad.

“’Night Dad.”

“’Night Bells.”

Then I heard her tired footsteps on the stairs and a moment later I heard the bathroom door shut.

All of a sudden, I heard my phone vibrate in my pocket. I opened it and I had a new text message. It was from Carlisle:

We’re back. Where are you?

I shut my phone, and figured that I might as well go home while Bella took a shower.

When I got to house, almost every light was on. I cautiously walked up to the front door and turned the knob. As soon as I did, something hard knocked me out the door and onto the ground.

“Hey, Edward!” Emmett boomed.

“Hey, Emmett,” I responded. Emmett let go of me and I walked into the house. Esme was the first one to grab me and embrace me in a huge hug.

It’s so good to see you. We all missed you, Emmett especially.

“I can tell,” I answered.

Carlisle came up to me next. Glad you finally decided to come back.

“Me too.”

Hey Edward, it was Alice. Sorry about calling you before.

“It’s ok Alice; it’s not your fault. You are getting very impatient though.”

“Well what do you expect?” she asked her tone sharp. “I mean, what are you waiting for?”

“Well, I’m sorry that I am not moving this along fast enough for you!” I responded starting to get mad. What was I suppose to do? Fling myself into her arms, like nothing had happened.

“Ok you two, enough,” Esme reprimanded.

“So Edward, where were you when you got my message?” Carlisle asked.

“I was at Bella’s house,” I responded.

“Spying on her again,” Emmett laughed.

Bella had to be in bed by now, so I decided to leave. I didn’t feel like being made fun of by Emmett right now.

“I’ll see you guys later,” I said.

We’ll talk to you when you get back, Carlisle thought.

So are you planning to speak to her this time? Or are you too coward? Emmett asked.

I turned to him, growled, then stalked out of the house.

Geez, you don’t have to get so defensive.

“Shut up Emmett!”

As I reached the woods, I heard his booming laughter. I took off, not wanting to hear anymore of his thoughts.