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Fallen Angel Broken Song

Banner by Marauder by Midnight Banner 1 What if... Edward wasn't as strong as we thought he was? ***Eclipse References***


1. Witness to Murder

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Alice’s POV

I slid into my seat in Mr. Cline’s advanced Calculus and crossed my hands on the desk. Resting my head of dark, closely cropped hair lightly on my forearms, I exhaled loudly.

‘What’s another first day of school out of so many?’ I thought. ‘DON’T ASK!’

Nothing really interesting had happened yet, and I almost wished for a minor explosion from a gas leak in the back of the room. It would add some spice to life. Well, at least to this class.

‘It’s only the sixth hour of the first day, but who’s counting?’ I thought again. I smiled at the wood of my desk. I knew it was only that I was tired of Calculus. It was my least favorite class, even though I was good at it. I closed my eyes, and escaped to the darkness.

‘What about lunch though,’ I remembered suddenly. ‘Edward seemed irritated. He kept looking at that new girl, Isabella. I wonder what that was all about?’ Like watercolors spreading over a canvas, the vision hit me when I was relaxed and I mind was wandering, like they often did. I waited as the scene unfolded behind my eyes.

Everything was in perfect detail, as it always was. It was a classroom, the Biology room, Mr. Banner’s. I would recognize those hideous green walls and orange-topped lab tables anywhere. I could also see my brother, Edward, from behind, sitting at a table in the middle of the students. The new girl from the lunchroom, Isabella Swan, walked by him, nervous, toward the front of the room. She was pretty, I admitted, but I didn’t understand what fascination she held for Edward.

She turned back around, looking for a place to sit, but the only chair was next to Edward. She gave a cautious smile, and I couldn’t see Edward’s face, but it must have been bad, because Isabella’s expression immediately went dark. She approached slowly and Edward sat, tense, waiting. As she slid in next to him, he turned and reached for her.

I gasped, waves of horror drowning me, as I watched my brother kill her.

Jasper’s POV

I was in sixth period, just trying to relax. First day emotions were running high, and I was feeling it. I let out a breath slowly. I always try to block everyone’s feelings, with a few exceptions. I keep a loose track on my family’s, and a very tight one on Alice’s. I don’t even have to try for her anymore, I just love her so much, and we’re so connected, it’s natural.

Anyway, I was only concerned with hers most of the time. The others just invade my head, like a song you keep thinking about. Edward, for example, was angry and confused today, but that wasn’t really a big change for him, and I didn’t really care about his sulking anymore.

I saw Emmett watching me out of the corner of his eye. I knew that the others were worried about me, but honestly, I was feeling ok. I wasn’t bothered by all the fresh, flowing, human blood around me, so warm and sweet and… Ok, maybe I was a little, but not anymore than any of the others. Just the natural thirst.

But we had all gone hunting, other than Edward, who always went alone, and seldom. I was fine. I had more control than they thought. I smiled at Emmett, who sat next to me across the aisle. He smiled back, a smile that said ‘Together, Brother’. I loved our family. It was an amazing support system,

At that moment everything stopped existing. The avalanche of horror, disgust, and fear crushing down on me was terrifying. I had never felt anything so strong, and it was coming off of the most important thing in the world to me. Alice.

The fear must have shown on my face, because Emmett was on his feat.

“What’s wrong,” he asked to quiet for human ears.

“Alice,” I replied. “Something’s really wrong.”

We turned and headed up to the front desk. Thank all that is holy our teacher was a young woman.

“Miss Forester,” I said quietly, sending waves of affection at her. She would believe I was the best student she’d ever had, one she liked more than her boyfriend. I felt bad about that. “My brother and I have an appointment just now and need to leave.”

“Oh, of course boys. I’d love to… that is, I can certainly excuse you.”

“Thank you,” I said, and then turned and was out the door. Emmett was beside me and together we sprinted to Alice’s Calculus class.

Alice’s POV

Leaping from my desk faster than I should have, I saw my sister Rosalie look up at me in astonishment. Heading to the front of the room, I grabbed her wrist as I went by and dragged her with me.

“What’s going on,” she asked, speaking to low and fast for anyone else to hear.

I didn’t answer, too frightened to relay what I had seen. I almost ran over Mr. Cline’s desk in my hurry, and he leaned back nervously.

“Mr. Cline, I’d forgotten,” I explained quickly. “We’re late for an appointment.”

“Yes Mr. Cline, we need to go now,” Rosalie added.

“Well, uh girls, do you have a pass?”
He was going to be difficult.

“Mr. Cline,” Rosalie whispered, letting her long blonde hair slide over her shoulder and fluttering her eyelashes, “We really need to go. We’re going to be late.”

“Um, uh, sure go… go ahead girls,” he stammered, staring at Rosalie’s chest.

Turning and pulling Rose behind me, I exited the classroom. Turning the corner I almost collided with Jasper.

“Oh thank god,” I gasped, grabbing him around the middle.

“What’s going on?” Emmett demanded.

I looked up at Jasper with tears in my eyes. “Edward is going to kill Isabella Swan.”