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Fallen Angel Broken Song

Banner by Marauder by Midnight Banner 1 What if... Edward wasn't as strong as we thought he was? ***Eclipse References***


11. Snow White was a Sissy

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Edward’s POV

“Carlisle?” I said softly, knocking on his office door.

‘Come in Edward.’

He was thinking his answers, and I was a little unnerved by that. He knew how I felt about invading people’s privacy, and everyone usually kept our conversations verbal when I was the one to initiate them.

Stepping inside, I took a seat in the chair that faced his desk. I could smell Bella there, thought I could feel heat clinging to the leather. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to focus.

“Edward stop!”

I started. Carlisle never snapped, never raised his voice. His eyes were a dull gold, but they burned through me. He must have seen the surprise on my face, because his softened, and he stood, turning away from me to look out the window into the night.

“You know, Bella just came in here and broke down, wept.”

I winced. Why was he telling me this? He had never pushed me away before. Had I finally tried him too far?

“Sometimes I wish you would that.”

“What?” The outburst caused him to turn back to me, run his eyes over me, scrutinize me.

“You heard me. You bottle everything up, you analyze it over and over, like you think you could go back and do it again. You can’t Edward. You carry centuries around with you like a frickin’ Olympic medal. Why? Why can’t you just see in yourself what everyone else sees?”

I stared at my father in horror. Never had anything like this come from him. There was anger there in his voice, but his angel’s face was crumbling in sorrow.

“Edward you know what you mean to me. You were my first child, my first companion in this life. You will make mistakes, because everyone makes mistakes. I can’t lose you to those mistakes.”

Stepping around the desk he crushed me to him and held me close. Because there was nothing else I could do, I hugged him back. When we finally broke apart I looked at him closely, and wondered how long he had held these thoughts about me safe in his mind.

“I won’t apologize Edward. It would make everything I’ve said for naught. But think about it. I’ll understand if you need a little space, a little time, but I won’t let you run off.” Reaching out, he tussled my hair as any loving father would. “But you came in here for something, unless I’m much mistaken.”

“Yes. I spoke with Bella. Rather she spoke… well, at me. She mentioned the fledgling theory.”

“It’s no theory Edward. You sired her. You will always be connected. You have surely noticed how connected you are to me. You’ve met other vampires; you can see the difference yourself. And you can feel it.”

Surely he hadn’t noticed the change in my expression. I was so confused, I didn’t know what the expression even was, so how could he know?

“Umm, have you … spent much time with Bella?”

“I haven’t really had the time, no.”

“I’m not so sure she’s… made the transition well.” I was stumbling now. Made the transition well? How could I have even said those words?

“What do you mean?”

“When we were downstairs, she… I think she saw someone. She called him… well it doesn’t matter. The point is that she really thought there was someone there, and she wasn’t acting very friendly. Then I grabbed her shoulder, and she just, stopped. Ran out.”

Carlisle sighed, then ran a hand through his hair, a gesture of thought. “I don’t know what to tell you Edward. It may just be a part of her power…”

“She has a power?”

He looked at me sharply. “Don’t you know?”

“I… I can’t hear her thoughts. Not at all.” I hadn’t wanted to admit this. “It makes this so much harder.”

“Interesting. I think that if you asked her…”

“Maybe,” I replied, cutting him off as I stood. “Thank you, for everything. For taking care of her, where I should have.”

He smiled. You are always welcome Edward.

Nodding, I turned and left the office. I held my breath as I passed Bella’s closed door, then walked slowly down the stairs. Pausing on the last step, I tilted my head to one side, listening. They were in the kitchen. Sighing, I shouldered the door aside and walked in.

Tanya was there, Emmett, Rose, and Jasper. Bella was there too. Emmett looked up when I entered, grinning widely.

“We’re going hunting,” he said. “Wanna come?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “I just got back.”

“Your eyes are still black.”

I glanced over at Bella, but her back was to me. What was that supposed to mean? And how did she know?

“Either way,” she said, standing, “I need to go now.”

“All right, let’s go,” Emmett said, slapping the table.

The group stood together and headed towards the door, leaving me at the back. I told myself that if no one looked to see if I was coming, I would just stay. One by one they filed out into the cold, and I relaxed. I would be staying home. Last in line, Bella’s fingers curled around the edge of the door to pull it closed. Then she looked back, eyes clear and beautiful, and horrifying.

Bella’s POV

I let my gaze brush over him, even though I knew that it made him nervous. Then I turned away and stepped out, pulling the door shut, even though I knew he would follow. Standing in the snow, I watched the others head towards the cars, shouting out directions to each other about where we could meet up to do some group running. I stopped, staring up at the icy stars, listening to him close the door and walk towards me, even though I knew that he would pass me, skirt around me and get into his own car.

I held my breath and didn’t look as he passed, still staring up, straining my neck. Star light, star bright, I thought. Snow was falling lightly, and I stuck out my tongue to see if I could still feel the cold sting of it. When I could not, I watched it fall onto his tussled hair, the black of his turtleneck shirt.

“Snow stands for purity, you know.”

Anthony was standing in front of me. He did not materialize, he was just there. In the back of my mind, I noted that his eyes were black now, not red as they had been, his dull, copper hair less bedraggled.

“Just like the Princess. Snow White, pure and sweet, innocent in every way.”

Bending down, I scooped up a handful of snow, packing it into a hard ball. Standing back up, I weighed it in my palm.

“Snow White was a sissy,” I observed.

Cocking my arm, I flung the snowball as hard as I could straight at him. But of course he was no longer there. I watched as if in slow motion, the white sphere continued on its path, and then broke over the back of Edward’s head and neck, showering him with snow. He paused for only a second, then turned slowly ob his heel to face me, wondering what in the hell I was doing.

I stood there, wondering how he would react, and then the smile pushed its way across my face. He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head, as if he just could not understand me. Of course, he couldn’t read my thoughts. I saw his eyes flick to the rights, and then another snowball collided with the side of my head.

Shaking snow from my eyes, I saw Emmett was clinging to his knees with laughter. Taking the opportunity, Rosalie gave him a whitewash. In an instant the yard had exploded with snow. I found myself taking shelter behind a scrawny tree with Edward, wondering how this had happened. But as I watched him fire a snowball at Jasper, I caught the corner of a lopsided smile. The hideous tearing that gripped my stomach effectively ruined the moment.