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Fallen Angel Broken Song

Banner by Marauder by Midnight Banner 1 What if... Edward wasn't as strong as we thought he was? ***Eclipse References***


14. Super Powers

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Bella’s POV

I spent a few restless hours, tossing in a bed that was useless to me. There was only one reason for the furniture in this house, and it had nothing to do with keeping up appearances for passerby. No, it had to do with couples, and what such couples did with endless nights. My sensibilities were disturbed by the noises that my new ears picked up on, but what confused me most was that I found myself longing.

Rolling off the bed, I quietly made my way down the stairs and out the door. When we had arrived, I’d noted a burly black pick-up truck with chains on its wheels off to one side of the house. I knew that it was Tanya’s, but also that it was rarely used. Putting down the tailgate, I climbed up into the bed and lay down on my back. Those same stars were out, still glowing down at the earth. I could imagine that they were laughing at us hopeless mortals. At the thought, my mind kicked off on a course of mortality, and lack-thereof, as well as more complicated things like ethics, truth, and forgiveness. Perhaps mercy.

The sky was starting to lighten, bright pink and orange breaking over the sea of black. I’d seen sunrises before of course, but this was different. My new eyes picked up colors and nuances that humans would never evolve to see. The brittle cold didn’t bother me, only seemed to settle around me, centering and anchoring my mind inside my head. It was then that I knew I could do this. That I could survive, learn, grow, and yes, maybe even love. Maybe even love.

The sun was fully up, and the others beginning to stir, when I felt him coming. I sat up on the tailgate, knew the exact moment when he caught sight of me, and smelled the jolt of fear and undeniable attraction that radiated from him. Attraction? Well, I was his fledgling. If I tried, I could convince myself that that was all there was to it for both of us.

“Bella?” he asked quietly.

I didn’t answer aloud, or in my head, because he couldn’t hear me. Instead I merely moved from the center of the tailgate to one side, extending a truce, but forcing him to meet me halfway. It was his decision. He had already sought me out, he wouldn’t turn back now.

The tailgate dipped slightly under his weight as he eased delicately down next to me. He was quiet, but I waited, holding fast to my resolve. I would make him come to me. It was his road to walk, and if it was redemption he hoped to find, I would not hand it to him. But I had decided not to withhold it either.

And he knew. We wouldn’t mention apologies anymore. I knew his regret as well as he did, but wasn’t one to drown him in it. It was slightly selfish on my part. His pain would become mine, and Jasper’s too. Of all my new family, Jasper’s gift was perhaps the most like my own, and his creation shared the same pointless, no-reasons origin that mine did. I was not built to watch others suffer. My original plan to kill him with kindness had faded away.

“So umm, do you…” he began, his silken voice stumbling over the words. “Do you have any plans for today?”

“Are you asking me on a date Eddie?”

His eyes turned wide with panic, and he shook his head rapidly. I grinned and mimicked him, my hair flying back and forth. He settled down when he realized that I was teasing him, but I could tell that he was still uneasy. I sighed. This was going to take a lot of work.

“Umm, anyway. I was uh, wondering if you wanted to, hang out today. I thought I could show you some stuff. I mean, I know you know, but…”

“I think I’d like that,” I replied, cutting him off.

“Great. So, do you want to go now, or do you want to, uh…”

He was doing it again, prattling on and on. I knew how nervous he was, and I thought it was a little much for the situation. I mean, I wasn’t attacking him or anything. I was even trying to be civil. So what was his issue? Had I spooked him that bad? I mean, it’d only been what, two, three days?

“We can go now,” I answered.

I was wearing jeans and one of those Eskimo jackets with fur around the hood, even if they were both designer articles. I was going to have to sneak away sometime to buy necessities. Like flannel pajama pants and hooded sweatshirts. PMS clothes, I called them. I smiled. That was one thing I wouldn’t miss even one tiny bit.

I saw Edward looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

“What?” I asked as I slid off the tailgate.

“Just wondering,” he said, obviously having no intention of finishing.

“Wondering what?” I pressed, intrigued.

“What you’re thinking about,” he shrugged. “It’s hard not knowing… and it made you smile.”

“I was reflecting on how happy I was, knowing that I don’t have to anticipate Mother Nature’s monthly gift any more.” I glanced over at him as we walked towards his car. He was as close to blushing as was physically possible, and this set me off giggling.


We got into the Volvo without anymore nonsense. I was a little nervous leaving, having not let anyone know where we were going. If Alice’s reaction the night before was anything to go on, the rest of the Cullen’s weren’t exactly nonchalant about the relationship between the two of us. But I found myself relaxing once we were moving.

We were quiet for the whole ride. I was calm, letting my body sink back into the soft seat. Strange, but I felt tired. Looking out the window as the landscape flew by; my attention was drawn to the side mirror. I could see Anthony there, sitting calmly in the backseat. Turning my eyes forward again, let him be. If he wanted to hang around let him; I was over being bothered by his sudden appearances.

I watched Edward’s hands as they deftly turned the steering wheel, guiding the vehicle down over a rocky beach until we were well out of sight of the road, where he stopped. Turning off the ignition, he gave me a tentative smile and climbed out. We’d reached the water.

Stepping out of the car, I inhaled the salty scent of the ocean. In the past, when thinking of Alaska, I’d always thought of a barren ice field, but that was hardly the case. There was actually quite a bit of green up here, a lot of forest, not much snow in the early spring. Edward had walked up the beach towards the trees but was now waiting for me. I took a step towards him, wanting to go, then looked back over my shoulder.

Anthony, his eyes a light gold, was sitting on the hood of the Volvo, clearly without intention to follow. He looked so different from when I first saw him, and as I looked rapidly between him and Edward, I realized they could be twins.

“You’re him, aren’t you?” I asked in astonishment.

“No,” he replied quietly. “I’m who you think he is.”

I was confused, and it must have shown on my face, because he smiled softly.

“You’ve known who I was all along Bella, you just didn’t want to admit it. I was always in your head. I’ve changed as your opinions of him have changed.”

I was silent, understanding washing over me.

“Silly girl,” he murmured. “You knew from the start that you would have been together, even if things had started differently. But I am impressed, how fast you’ve changed your mind. I’m glad.”

His form began to fade, to flicker on the edges, and I reached out for him.

“No, don’t leave.”

He chuckled. “I can’t Bella, I never could. Go with him.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you want to.” Then he was gone.

Slightly shaken, I turned and saw that Edward was still waiting for me on the edge of the trees. Taking a step forward, I smiled, because it was what I wanted to do.

He waited while I picked my way over the rocks towards him, and gave me a questioning look when I finally got there. I just smiled again and took his hand. He seemed surprised, but led me on into the forest.

We didn’t speak that afternoon, only acted, moving together in tandem, like a dance. He showed me everything that we could do that was beautiful. We climbed the trees, leapt through the canopy, dodged between them on the forest floor. We sat silently in the center of a small glade, the sun sparkling off our skin, listening and scenting the life around us. Finally, when the sun began to fall, setting the sky to flame, we headed back towards the beach. At the edge of the trees, Edward turned to me and spoke quietly.

“Race you to the water?”

I feigned a small frown, then took off towards the ocean while he still stood, pondering. It took him only a fraction of a second to realize what I’d done, and I heard a low, playful rumble ripple from his chest as he raced up behind me. When my feet hit the water, I stopped and turned to face him. He collided with me, unable to stop fast enough, and we went down in the icy spray.

I rolled, taking him with me, and we tousled playfully, unheeding of our soaked clothes. I could feel my strength, and his, but we were gentle, careful with each other as though we were still our fragile human counterparts. Finally we broke apart. On sudden inspiration, I toed off my shoes and peeled myself out of my jacket, tossing them up onto the beach.

Edward’s face betrayed his sudden uneasiness at my stripping down, but I just smiled and dove into the water. It wasn’t long before he joined me, and we took advantage of our uselessness for oxygen by diving deep into the dark waters. The water was cold, cold enough for me to feel it, but I enjoyed the sense of weightless, worldlessness. After what seemed an eternity of frolicking under the waves, I felt his warm hand clasp my wrist, and he pointed to the surface.

Breaking through into the air was like finding the warm blanket of the night sky for the first time. The stars shone brighter than ever with a white light I could never have imagined to be cold. Throwing my arms over my head, I laughed the longest, loudest, most joyful laugh I had ever felt leave my chest.

Catching sight of Edward’s suddenly mournful face, I knew what I had to do. Swimming over to him, I took his face between my hands and kissed him, long and well.

“We need to talk,” I whispered against his lips, before bestowing one last kiss.

Taking his hand I swam us to shore.