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Fallen Angel Broken Song

Banner by Marauder by Midnight Banner 1 What if... Edward wasn't as strong as we thought he was? ***Eclipse References***


15. Summing it Up

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Edward's POV

Why was she doing this? Did she enjoy it, this torture, because I sure wasn't enjoying any of it. Even the good moments were tainted with waiting, waiting for it all to unravel underneath my feet. The connection between us was real, strong. It was surprise and want and heat. It was wrong.

How had this happened? In less than what, two days, three, we had gone from hate, murderer and vicitm, top this? And what was this? Acceptance? Freindship? Love? How could that even be possible?

While my mind ran circles around itself, she led me towards the Volve. I watched as she boosted herself up onto the hood and crossed her legs, indian style, before I repeated the action, and we sat facing each other, our knees brushing.

"Edward, I have things I need to tell you," she said.

"So tell me," I replyed quietly, looking at the toes of my shoes. This could only be bad news, and I only wanted it over.

"First," she said, raising a finger, "I need you to promise me something."

I raised an eyebrow, confused.

"I need you to promise that you'll trust me. I need you to promise to believe me, okay? I promise I'll only tell you the truth, I'll swear in blood that I'll only tell you the truth, but you have to promise to believe me, alright?"

I had no idea what she would say, if it was something I could ever believe, but she seemed so distraught, so earnest, so desperate, that I could only trust that she would indeed be speaking the truth.

"I promise."

"Okay," she sighed. "You know that... that I know everything, right?"

I nodded but didn't speak.

"Well, I need to tell you... what would have happened."

'Oh God," I thought. 'She's going to tell me everything she would have done if I hadn't killed her. I can't handle this.'

"It's not that bad, Ed," she said quietly. "Before, I wanted to hurt you, make you feel the pain I was in, even though I knew you probably already were in more pain than me. I guess I changed my mind. AndI want to tell you why.

"If you hadn't have killed me... the way you did... I still would have ended up like this."

"What?" I breathed. "What are you..."

"You would have turned me in the end, Edward," she cut me off. "We fell in love. You protected me, again and again; from vicious nomads, werewolves, even the Volturi. we got married. We...we had a daughter together," she whispered, her eyes sparkling. " A beautiful, unique daughter, half human, half vampire. You turned me. And we lived forever."

She continued to elaborate her tale, spinning a web of beauty, love, and happiness before my eyes, and though the story was tainted with the bitter sting of loss, something in me unravled, and filled with a hot, sweet light.

"So," I said softly whe she'd finished, "How does it all add up?"

"I don't think it has to," she asid after a moment. "The sum's the same either way. We were meant to be together this way, to love each other, forever."

"Bella," I said, suddenly nervous, "I think we need to take this slowly. Is that okay? It's just that... I still feel like I need to be careful around you. You're strong, and beautiful, and dangerous. You're ... the most amazing creature I have ever seen. I want... to be so close to you. I don't want to mess this up. I already have. I took away our courtship, our wedding, our...daughter. All the time we took to grow inseperable. And I want to give that back to you."

It was the most I had ever spoken to her, and she seemed to need a minute to mull over everything that I had spouted so quickly. She took so long, however, that I started to get nervous again. I could only stare into her eyes, their vivid gold, as she sat with her head tilted, regarding me in silence.

"That's nice to hear," she said finally. "And I think you're right. I think, no, I know, that if we take our time, we can be as happy as we would have been. This is the last time I'll speak of it," she vowed, extending her hand.

"And me as well," I answered. Placing my hand in hers, I shook it, finally believing that this could be a beautiful new start.