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Fallen Angel Broken Song

Banner by Marauder by Midnight Banner 1 What if... Edward wasn't as strong as we thought he was? ***Eclipse References***


2. Too Late

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Edward’s POV 

‘She’s killing me. But, I’m already dead, aren’t I?’

 I was so confused. I didn’t understand the hatred I felt for this girl. The love I felt. 

‘What the hell? You don’t even know her. She’s just another human.’ 

My head was spinning. I couldn’t think straight. All I knew was this beautiful girl was here, and I wanted her. Wanted her love, wanted her body, wanted her blood. Her scent filled my nose and choked me with its sickly sweet perfume. If I had blood of my own it would be on fire. 

I could feel the venom fill my mouth, and I forgot everything but her. She smiled at me as she came back from the teacher’s desk, but I could only look at her with thirst. A voice in the back of my head snarled with evil laughter.  

Take her, take her, it said.  So sweet.  

But there was another voice. Keep her. Change her, and keep her forever. 

But I couldn’t do that. What human wouldn’t go insane with the revelation of vampires and eternal life? What girl would stay with her murderer? 

‘No,’ I thought. ‘She’s got to be mine.’ 

I could feel my thoughts leaving, slipping away. I couldn’t think as she sat down beside me but I felt my instincts take over and push me forward. I revolted against this, pulled back, tried to get away. 

‘This is wrong, this is wrong,’ I thought. 

But her blood called me like heroin to an addict. I had to have it, would die without it. 


They were screaming my name; I could hear them in my head, my whole family yelling for me. It was the only thing that filled my mind, and it made me hesitate.

But then they were lost, my head empty, and only the thirst I had inherited was left. I would drain her, taste her blood in my mouth, but I would kiss her first. 

Putting a hand on either side of her face, I barely registered the shock in her eyes as I crushed her lips with my own. She was so warm, so soft against me. My mouth moved down her neck, and I could hear a muffled crash as I sank my teeth into her satin skin. 

Jasper’s POV

 I could not believe this. Edward! Everyone might expect this from me, but not him. We were sprinting so fast there was no way anyone would see us, and I knew we were all screaming for his attention in our heads. Cutting across the grass, we had just come into sight of the Biology room door when I almost tripped. 

“What,” Emmett asked alarmed. 

“His emotions are gone.” I stammered. “Like when we hunt. All instincts.” 

“Come on!” Alice screamed. 

Emmett and Rose crashed through the door, practically splintering the hinges. The entire class was staring at Edward, who had been kissing Isabella Swan. Immediately I began sending out crushing waves of serenity and careless curiosity.

We leapt forward, but we were too late. My brother sank his teeth into her neck and she fainted immediatly. It took Emmett and me to tear Edward off her. Blood was running down his chin and a deep, guttural snarl tore from his chest.  

As we pulled him out the door with his classmates looking on disinterestedly, Alice caught Isabella before she fell. Rose ran up to the teacher, I had no idea what she was doing, but I roared her name. She turned back to us, and together we wrestled Edward toward the parking lot.  

I had never seen him like this, he was really fighting us. If he hadn’t been focusing on getting back to the girl, he might have actually killed us. This wasn’t just struggling, if he turned on us, we would be in trouble.  

“Alice,” I yelled, “Get her to Carlisle now!” 

Tears would have been streaming down her face, but Alice began to run, Isabella Swan slumped unconscious in her arms. Emmett and I finally got Edward’s arms locked behind his back, and Rose almost had his ankles.

When we got to the Volvo, we shoved him into the back seat, climbing in after him and pinning him to the leather. Rose scrambled into the front seat and started the car, peeling out of the lot.