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Fallen Angel Broken Song

Banner by Marauder by Midnight Banner 1 What if... Edward wasn't as strong as we thought he was? ***Eclipse References***


4. Dead

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Emmett’s POV

We were all sitting there like someone had died.

‘Well duh, someone did die,’ I thought.

But not really, none of us were really dead. Just a human girl Ed jumped. It happens, you can’t deny it. We’ve picked up and moved before, we can do it again. I wasn’t sure why this one was so different, but the look on Carlisle’s face when he entered the room made my would-be-stomach twist.

Carlisle sat down on the couch across from us, resting his elbows on his knees, looking at the floor. I’d never seen him look so young, so vulnerable. I couldn’t understand this. I’d killed a girl before. So had Jasper. Hell, from what I’d heard, Edward had killed a lot of people during the years that he hadn’t lived with Carlisle.

Carlisle looked up at us forlornly. “Where is your brother?”

It was my turn to look at the floor. “We didn’t know what to do. He was fighting us so hard. We… took him to the barn to cool off.”

“I see.” Carlisle’s voice cracked. “Is he still there?”

“I haven’t had any visions,” Alice murmured, “So he must still be there.”

“What happened?” Carlisle asked heavily.

“I saw him do it in a vision. Jasper felt how scared I was, and we all met up at his Biology class, but we were too late. He kissed her, and then he bit her. Oh, Carlisle, he did it right in front of the whole class.” Alice crumpled visibly, and Jasper wrapped his arms around her.

“I need to talk to your brother,” Carlisle sighed. “Then I’ll try and figure out how we can cover up this whole thing.

“Why don’t we just let Edward finish her off?”

My jaw dropped, and I stared at Rosalie like I never had before. How could she say something like that? What was she thinking!

“Rosalie, would you like to explain yourself?” Carlisle asked, clearly stunned, but trying to be understanding.

Rose shrugged. “She doesn’t deserve to be what we are. She wasn’t dying, like Emmett or me. She shouldn’t have to live like we do. And if it would make a difference to Edward, let him have her.”

Dead silence fell, and no one spoke. My brain was jammed, I couldn’t compute this. That Rose could say these things with such cold indifference knocked me for a loop. Yeah sure, we’d all done it. But as far as I knew, we all felt horrible about it afterward. We couldn’t just… throw her to the wolves.

I had been so grateful for a second chance. Wouldn’t she be too if she was conscious to choose.

“I don’t think any of us could do that Rose,” Carlisle replied carefully.

“I would,” she whispered. Without looking back, she left the room.

I tried to catch her hand as she walked by, but she brushed me off.

“I’m going to see Edward,” Carlisle said, standing slowly.

“I’ll come with you,” Jasper added, getting to his feet.

“I think I need to stay here,” I said quietly. “I… need to talk to Rose.”

My father nodded at me. He understood.

“Alice,” he said turning to her, “can you help Esme?”

“Yes,” she answered. In seconds she was upstairs.

Carlisle and Jasper headed out the door, glancing back at me for only seconds. Then they turned away, heading out into the woods, leaving me sitting alone on the couch, wondering what had happened in such a short time, that I felt like my whole life was crumbling.

Jasper’s POV

The barn is just what it sounds like, a barn. Only, it’s huge. I mean, this building is big. Huge beams thick as trees, strengthened with iron rebar. Heavy paneled walls. And it just sits there. We didn’t even know that it was on the property we bought in Forks until about a month after we moved in. It was well hidden, far back in the tees, and painted a dark, rustic brown, making it hardly visible to someone who didn’t know it was there, quite an accomplishment, considering its hulking size.

Imagine my surprise when a low, rhythmic thudding came to my ears. I still couldn’t feel any emotions coming from Edward, and I was scared. I’m sure Carlisle felt it too, and we quickened our pace, dashing around the back of the building to the doors. What I saw made me stop dead in my tracks.

Edward had presumably thrown himself repeatedly against the door, which opened inward. He had barraged it so many times that it was almost cracked in half, splinters standing out of it like quills. It was obviously where the thumping was coming from; Edward wasn’t in his right mind just to open it. I was amazed that he had broken the door, even with our superhuman strength, it would’ve taken a lot of force to get through.

“Edward,” Carlisle yelled, “Edward stop!”

I could see his body through the cracks in the door, and he hesitated for the slightest second, as if he could just hear his father’s voice, and then began to throw himself at the door once again. It hit me like a glacier then, he was still after her blood. Only his primal instincts, throwing him through solid walls for a girl’s life, and he didn’t even realize what was going on.

I stood in shock for what seemed just minutes, while Carlisle ranted on, trying everything he knew to clam Edward, even screaming his mother’s name. Finally he sank to the ground, exhausted. My knees seemed to crumble, and I collapsed next to him.

We must have sat that way for at least an hour, and found myself staring at Carlisle’s watch, timing the thumps with each passing second. Darkness fell around us and a sharp chill fell. The watch had just ticked off ten twenty-seven when the sounds stopped, and we raised our heads to the door simultaneously.

A strangled gasp echoed in my ears, and Carlisle threw open the door. Edward stood in front of us, battered and, if possible, paler than ever. His eyes held confusion and horror, and yet were blank at the same time. Carlisle reached toward him, and just as he connected with Edward’s shoulder, he exploded, launching himself past us and out into the night. A deathly wave of sorrow crushed me to the ground, and I could do nothing but curl into myself and sob with the pain.

Esme’s POV

That such a horrible chain of events could tear a family of good people like barbed hooks must in its self be a sin. I sat next to the bed, gazing down at the girl who lay there, already so pale, and yet her heart-shaped face, framed with soft, chocolate-brown hair, seemed to have lost none of its warmth. She was a beautiful girl, younger than any of my children, and perhaps, in her own way, the most beautiful.

I smoothed my hand over hers when she cried out, though I had removed the binds long ago. She was still, and yet she was dying. I caught myself staring at the clock, pondering why Carlisle and Jasper had not come home. Alice had gone out to meet them, I suspected a vision was involved, but she wouldn’t tell me. I had heard nothing of the others, Rose had stormed out and left in her corvette, and Emmett had shortly followed.

The clock had just hit eleven twenty-seven when Isabella Swan sat bolt upright and opened her colorless eyes.

Bella’s POV

The pain was burning me, cutting me for hours on end. I felt like I was drowning in the blackness, breathing in a thick black liquid that shouldn’t fit into my lungs. I remembered only that something was missing. A voice that had been there, but wasn’t anymore.

And yet it was.

‘Who are you?’ I called. I made no sound, but the voice heard me.

‘Don’t you know?’ I thought for a moment.

I started to shake my head, but then I stopped. I did know.

‘You’re Anthony.’ The presence that the voice gave off began to fade.

‘Wait!’ I yelled. ‘What’s going on? I don’t know where I am.’

‘You will,’ the voice smiled. Then I woke up.

Esme’s POV

I had never seen anything like that girl’s eyes as they connected with mine. The irises were empty, not milky like a blind person’s, but perfectly transparent, as if they were a window to her soul.

She looked at me a moment, her mouth open slightly, before she began to scream.

“I’m dead! Oh my God, he killed me!”