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Fallen Angel Broken Song

Banner by Marauder by Midnight Banner 1 What if... Edward wasn't as strong as we thought he was? ***Eclipse References***


9. Confrontations

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Esme’s POV

I watched helplessly as Jasper collapsed into my husband’s arms. How could one girl destroy all three of my sons? Everyone around us became silent as Carlisle carried Jasper to a couch. I focused on myself, trying to calm the flood of emotion that ran through me. Tanya and her family knew of Jasper’s gift, and they immediately looked inward to do the same. The hall became quiet, and Jasper slowly eased out of the tightly contracted ball he had curled into. 

“Shit,” he murmured quietly, sitting up. “It wasn’t as bad as it should have been.” 

I looked round to him quickly, not understanding. Jasper rarely, if ever, cussed. 

“Where’s Ed?” he asked. 

Tanya snapped into hostess mode, ushering us all away from the door and into the living room, where we seated ourselves. I noticed how Alice joined Jasper, but Bella crossed to the other side of the room, and how Rosalie did sit next to Emmett on the love seat, though she allotted a descent amount of space between them. Sighing, I joined Carlisle near the door, where he had wandered after seeing to Jasper. 

“Edward is out hunting,” Tanya said heavily after a moment.

I noticed then that one of Tanya’s sisters was missing as well.

“We had to practically carry him out the door.” 

“I see,” Carlisle whispered. “Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, perhaps you could carry our things in and set up in a room?” 

I watched as different variations of reluctance crossed my children’s faces, as they hauled themselves up and through the door. Tanya was watching Carlisle, but it was Bella who spoke up. 

“Ask any questions you wish, I can tell you the answers.” 

“Perhaps, you could just start from the beginning,” Tanya replied. 

“Of course. I am Isabella Marie Swan, and I had just started in the same class as… Edward.” His name came out of her mouth with difficulty, the emotions behind it boiling. “He bit me. I lost most of the blood in my body. That’s why it took so little time for me to change. It is also why my eyes weren’t red when I woke. They will never be red.” 

“Until you…” 

“They will never be red.” Bella snarled this last sentence before Tanya could finish her objection.  

“Bella has an extraordinary gift,” Carlisle cut in quietly. “She… well, she knows everything.” 

Tanya’s eyes quickly darted between Carlisle and Bella, clearly stunned.  

“That’s all there is,” Bella said, clearly choosing to leave out the turmoil our family was drowning in. 

“What does Edward know?” Carlisle asked. 

The door opened then, and because my other children were already upstairs, I knew who it was. I turned towards the door, but Bella was already on her feet. Edward stood there, still as stone, staring in horror. In less than a second he had turned and was back out the door. Bella flashed by us, a blur, out onto the lawn. Carlisle and I rushed to follow.  

Edward is fast, the fastest of us all, but Bella already had him by the front of his shirt when we hit the snow. I stepped forward, but Carlisle held me back.  

“It has to happen sometime,” he said. 

Her newborn strength was clear as she shook him, then threw him to the ground. He stayed there, on his knees, face to the ground. The profile of his body against the snow shook. 

“Get up!” Bella snarled, a sound that made me quake. “Fight back!” 

“Why should I?” Edward’s query could barely be heard above the wind that had begun to blow. Bella’s responding screech echoed, raging with a fury I had never heard before. “I deserve whatever I get.” 

The cuff she dealt sent my son sprawling across the snow, and she stood over him as he lay on his back. Carlisle stepped forward now, but I doubted that Bella would fatally harm him. 

“You disgust me!” she fumed. “Wallowing in self pity!” 

“What else is there,” he snarled. “I thought you were dead!” 

“I am!” she screamed once again grabbing him by the shirt. “And you think of yourself. Well then you’re a fool, and you have given me the key to your misery!” 

Instantly her demeanor changed. More gently than I could have imagined, she picked Edward up off the ground and dusted the snow from his clothes. He stepped back from her, obviously confused.  

“Goodnight Eddie,” she said quietly.

Stepping closer, she tilted her face up and kissed his cheek. I felt my jaw drop. Turning from him, she headed up the walk to the house, stopping to glance at window upstairs, through which Alice was watching. Spitting into the snow, she went inside, shutting the door behind her. Edward remained where she had left him, and I was finally able to step forward and wrap my arms around him. 

Jasper’s POV

I had seen what had happened out in the snow, but I had distanced myself, detaching from the world in an act of self-preservation. I was waiting in Bella’s room, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed, my elbows on my knees. When she stepped inside the door, shutting it firmly behind her, I lowered my eyes to the floor. She knew what I was going to say. 

“Say it Jasper,” she sighed. “We both need you to say it.” 

I looked up at her then, my hair falling into my eyes, blocking my view. She wanted to hear it? 

“You need to let go Bella,” I whispered. It pained us both, but I had to be the one to brave this. “You’ll only get hurt if you don’t. And other’s will be hurt too.” 

“But I already am hurt Jasper,” she whispered back. “I feel like I’ve died, and I’m watching the world, but can’t join it. The hardest part is that I really have.” 

“Bella, none of us asked for this life. But more than one of us are grateful for it.” 

She crossed the room silently, then sat next to me on the bed. She took my hand in hers, and I could have sworn that I felt heat in her palm. Softly, she pushed the sleeve of my shirt up to my elbow, and with her fingertip, traced the scars that marred my skin. 

“I’m sorry for what you feel Jasper. None of this is your fault.” 

“It’s not yours either Bella,” I said. I softly pulled my hand from hers, standing up. “But one day, you will accept what you are. We all have, even Rose. It’ll be easier on everyone if you just go with it. There’s no turning back from here.” 

“Jasper,” she said, as I turned to go, “Why doesn’t Alice like me?” 

“If you don’t know, how can I,” I murmured. “You’ll have to ask her.” 

“Is it bad between you?” 

“Not so much between us, but between you,” I smiled. “Talk to her. She’s not a hateful person. She’ll at least hear you out.” 

I turned once again to go, but her hand on my shoulder stopped me. I turned back to her, wondering. Stepping closer, she wrapped her arms around my waist, leaning her head on my chest. Once more, I was surprised by the illusion of body heat. Enjoying the warmth, I hugged her back, and ensconed us in a hazy curtain of artificial peace. 

Alice’s POV 

I was leaning against the wall, waiting, when Bella stepped inside the door. Jasper had gone to find Emmett, and she was coming to talk to me. I didn’t know what she would say anymore than I knew what I would say, so I just waited. 

“Alice,” she said, “Do you hate me?” 

I was quiet, speculating what she was doing asking questions that she knew the answer to. 

“I don’t want to know everything Alice,” she said quietly. “My head hurts, like it’s full of cement, the weight of the world inside it. And it’s hardly fair that I should know my future, your future. Why do I deserve to take shortcuts? That’s why I go to people, ask them in person.” 

“Makes sense,” I alleged. “I don’t really know to be honest Bella. It’s just, everything was going ok, you know. And then everything blew up, and you were right in the middle. I guess I gave you more blame than you deserved.” 

I slid down the wall, hugging my knees to my chest. It hurt, a dull ache that I shouldn’t have. If my heart wasn’t allowed to beat, why was it allowed to break?Bella sat down cross-legged in front of me. I raised my head to look at her, and there was hurt in her eyes too. It suddenly hit me; how much she was going through, losing her family and everything she loved.  

“I’m so sorry Bell,” I cried. “I haven’t been fair to you at all. I never really experienced what you have, and I’ve always had Jasper, so I can’t be empathetic. I should have been sympathetic though, I should have tried to understand…” 

“Alice,” she smiled, “You’re kind of rambling. Slow down. We have all night.” 

I smiled back. I felt the weight lifting, and it was good. The mood was lightening, and I thought that yes, we could be friends. 

“It’s just, well… I’m really close to Edward. I know how he thinks. And when I saw how angry you were at him, even without knowing him, even with what he did to you, it put me on my guard. And then you’re power is so much like mine, only better, I guess I was jealous. Add to that that our family seems to be splitting at the seams.” 

“Well, I think that I have that fixed a little better now,” she commented. “Alice, I’d like to be friends with you. Do you think that’s ok?” 

“I’d love that Bella.” 

“Great, because I have a problem.” 

“Already,” I groaned, though her light manner betrayed any severity. 

“You see, the only clothes I have are the ones on my back, and I don’t have any money at all.”

I cracked a huge smile. "You're one of the famliy now Bella. What's ours is yours. It's time for a shopping spree!"