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New faces

Bella wakes up in a strange room, a strange house with strangers around her, these strange vampires become her new family. This is based on Edward not coming back for Bella and Bella being changd by Victoria then left for dead.


1. Chapter 1

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I shuddered as I woke up, I realised I woke up dead, I felt so cold, sort of empty inside, I couldn’t remember where I was but I knew who I was, I opened my eyes but immediately closed them again as the world span a little. I groaned but sat up straight, I heard a door open, then three gasps.

The gasps were what made me open my eyes, the world didn’t spin this time, it stayed still, thankfully.

In front of me, where I was laying on the bed, bed? I thought what am I doing on a bed, and whose is it? There was one woman and two men, one about my age when they were turned and the other about twenty five. The woman had light brown hair and a kind, smiling face. She was wearing a brown skirt and a light beige top. She smiled at me.

The youngest male had jet black hair with electric blue streaks and a gorgeous, handsome face. Even as handsome a face as…as him.

As my angel.

As Edward.

I winced, it hurt even to say his name. The other man looked a little like Carlisle but his hair was black and he wasn’t as tall, although it was just a little bit smaller. They were all watching me, waiting for my reaction. I blinked a couple of times, and then swung my legs around so I could smile back at them all whilst standing up. Which I managed to do after my knees buckled twice and the young man caught me and helped me stand. I blinked again and smiled hesitantly at him. He smiled back.

The woman introduced herself first.

“I am the mother in this family, my name is Eliza” she smiled, “this is my husband, Sebastian” she motioned to the man standing next to her. She then smiled at the teenage vampire by my side.

“And I’m Luke” the boy smiled. I smiled back and decided I could tell them my name.

“I’m Bella, and…um… how did I get here, then again, where is here?” I frowned a little bit.

It was Luke who answered me “We found you in Forks, we had smelt another vampire and were tracking her, we got there soon after you were bitten, we brought you straight here, we’re in New York” he finished my questions and they all waited in silence.

I nodded silently, then smiled “I always wanted to come to New York” they all laughed with me and we went down stairs. The hole was still there but for some reason it had closed up a little bit. I soon realised it was Luke, he was numbing my pain. He smiled and winked at me and I found myself blushing, he laughed, making my skin tingle. How could I still blush? As if reading my mind, Sebastian smiled and said, “it’s the last of your human blood, it’ll only happen for a while.” I nodded and smiled.

Then my stomach rumbled and I felt my throat start to dry up. We were walking past a mirrored room at the time and I glanced in, and gasped, I had caught my reflection in one of them.

Full, red lips, large, sea green eyes that looked innocent, perfectly framed by darker brown chocolate hair, skin pale as Edward had been. I found myself wondering what I would look like with Blue streaks in my hair, like Luke, and before my eyes, the tips of my hair changed into an electric blue, I heard Luke’s sharp intake of breath.

“You can change your shape!” he exclaimed, I smiled happily. With blue in my hair I looked wilder, prettier, no, I thought, beautiful. My stomach rumbled again and I groaned. Luke laughed,

“You’re thirsty, we should go out into one of the bars” he said to me. I frowned

“Bars? Don’t you mean woods” I asked, confused.

“Woods? No way, we need to find humans and hikers aren’t that tasty, if you drink from a drunk human, it gets you a little tipsy” he explained, I suddenly realised what he was talking about. Humans, these vampires didn’t drink from animals; they weren’t vegetarians like the Cullen’s.

They drank from humans.

I looked up into Luke’s eyes and for the first time, I realised they had red tints in them. Red tints in his dark blue eyes. I glanced at the other vampires, they all had pure red eyes.

I frowned and turned back to Luke.

He smiled and said “I only drink from humans when I have to, I don’t drink much but my power of illusions hides my eyes, and Eliza’s and Sebastian’s aswell” he frowned “but you saw through it” he laughed, “what a special little vampire you make” I smiled at him but then my stomach rumbled yet again. He laughed.

“Come on, we’re going for take out” Eliza said, smiling aswell. I decided I would try human blood, just to see what it was like, for some reason, I wanted to be as different as I could, different to the Cullen’s, but I also knew that my eyes wouldn’t turn red, I had no idea how I knew it, but I knew.

And with that safe thought, I joined them as they walked from the huge house and out into the first night club we could find.