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New faces

Bella wakes up in a strange room, a strange house with strangers around her, these strange vampires become her new family. This is based on Edward not coming back for Bella and Bella being changd by Victoria then left for dead.


2. Chapter 2

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200 years later

We were back in forks, I didn’t really want to be back there but Eliza said it would be good for me and blah, blah, blah, always the one to give advice, I hadn’t wanted to tell her to shut up and leave me alone, you know, drinking human blood made me no meaner, I was still mean, AND I had found one of my powers the very first time I had drunk from a human, and it was a cool one, I could drink from humans and not kill them, but also not have them turn into vampires because I could heal the wound.

The victim only remembered a fabulous night in bed, which actually never happened, but who wants to spoil their dreams?

I smiled to myself as I headed out to a new nightclub that had opened in Seattle. I was dressed in my favourite outfit, very tight black jeans and a sky blue halter top, with little blue earrings to match and a topaz necklace, my favourite but the one that hurt me most to wear. I also had on a pair of high heeled boots that gave an extra sway to my hips. My eyes weren’t topaz, like the Cullen’s had been, they weren’t even red like the Mace family, the family to which I now belonged.


They were still sea green, and I could enchant anyone I wanted to, although I always stuck to males ages 17 to 24. They were just SO fun.

I heard seven sharp indrawn breaths as I walked by a small cafe, I smiled, nothing unusual there. But then I smelled them, I turned oh so slowly and stared into the room.

Alice, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett and HIM, the one who had hurt me so much, Edward, at his name the hole opened a little in my chest and pain radiated out from me. I saw Jasper flinch, Edward glanced at him, so obviously reading his thoughts, his eyes widened and he turned back to me, pain visible in his eyes.

They were all sitting there, staring at me, while I stared at them. But then something changed and I felt that hungry rumble, my head snapped around and I saw a 19 year old boy heading into the nightclub. I grinned and started towards him. I could feel them behind me but I dodged through the crowd and got into the club by throwing an alluring look at the huge. I walked straight up to the man and tapped his shoulder. He turned and his blue eyes widened but then he grinned and motioned of to the bathroom area, where the sound was muted down, I was well aware of the Cullen’s watching me but I ignored them. I heard Alice’s thoughts

We should see what she’s doing first. Alice thought to Edward. He nodded once, eyes on me.

I smiled once more at the man and hooked my arm through his. He pulled me along and pushed me against the wall, he kissed me and I let him but I knew that Jasper had felt me distaste, and through Jasper, Edward had felt it aswell, he made to move forward but Alice stopped him and they continued to watch me. When the line of sight was clear and they could see me clearly, I wanted them to know that I drank from humans for some reason, I felt they needed to know, I dragged the man out of the back door by taking a hold of his waist band and pulling him after me.

I heard Edward growl slightly but I ignored him and I knew they were following me. When we were in the ally way, I pushed him against a wall and kissed his neck, then I bit down, sending waves of pleasure into him instead of pain that was another of my powers, I really had a lot. I could send out waves of pleasure instead of pain.

I heard Alice scream behind me, she was the first to come through.

Then Emmett roared “what the fuck!”

Hands were suddenly prying me off of the guy.

“Hey! No fair, I was enjoying that” he mumbled, trying to pull me back while the Cullen’s stared in shock. Not getting why he’d been enjoying it, I felt like laughing at their expressions.

And just to amuse myself. I DID! I laughed as they all turned their gazes on me. Then Edward stepped forward.

“How could you?” he asked

I tilted my head, and grinned at him “oh it’s about as hard as watching the love of your life leave you in the woods, spending days, no, months! Being a lifeless husk, not sleeping, hardly eating. No, that’s much worse. It’s about as easy as hating the love of your life who left you” I nodded, smiling cheerfully “’cos that’s quite easy when you’re me” ok, so I can be pretty vindictive when I feel like it.

And god how I felt like it.

They were all staring at me in shock and guilt,

“Yeah” I nodded “so, if I could just get back to my food?” I moved past Edward and took a hold of the guy-whose-name-I’m-sure-I-wouldn’t-have-cared-about-even-if-I-knew-it. But Edward grabbed me and yanked me back.

“No way” he growled

“Fine, you wanna play rough?” I smirked

“What?” Alice asked but no one else had time to reply because I had flipped backwards and slammed my foot into Edward’s back. He stumbled forward, Emmett caught him and turned him to face me but I just laughed and turned and ran. I loved running; it made everything seem to float away.

I arrived at our manor house in about 5 minutes, flying through the door and locking it. Luke, Eliza, Sebastian and Jake all came down the stairs. Jake was the newest, I had changed him about 20 years after I was changed.

He had blond hair and red eyes, it was a good look for him since he was outrageously handsome.

Luke and Jake had been fighting over me ever since. I’d slept with them both at one point, 10 years apart though. I’d given up after I couldn’t stop imagining Edward. He was the only person (along with his family) who I hated to love, but I had no choice.

“What’s wrong?” Jake asked, reading my aura

“Hmm where to start?” I laughed, a little hysterical, I recounted the events of the past hour in two minutes, when I was done, they all stared at me. Then Luke sprung up, throwing an arm around my waist. He was my best friend; I loved him but not as much as I loved Edward. Jake rolled his eyes but I smiled.

“We have company” Eliza announced just before a knock at the door sounded out

“ok, we’re not here” I said but then I exchanged a glance with Jake and we both bust out laughing, he was like another best friend to me, he could only read me most of the time and it made us close.

He had tried committing suicide, that’s how I found him, dying. And I had saved him, that also made us closer.

We were both laughing so hard, tears of blood trickled down my face. Yet another one of my gifts, as well as being able to sleep. Luke glanced at us and one glance was enough to sink him to his knees, laughing. Eliza and Sebastian raised their eyes brown but went off to answer the door. We were all on the floor, laughing when the Cullen’s entered, I stopped laughing immediately and just glared at them.

Jealous? I sent to Jake (he knew I wanted to make Edward jealous) , smiling a little, he grinned and came over to me, sitting behind me, he conjured a comb from thin air and started brushing my hair, and I closed my eyes, a small smile on my lips. Some one cleared their throat and I opened my eyes.

“What?” I glared at Edward, who looked pained.

Suddenly Alice was by my side,

“Bella? I’m so, so, so sorry, I..I Didn’t want to, to leave…but Edward…he was so, SO upset” she sobbed, clearly wanting to hug me. I trusted Alice and I knew what Edward was like. So suddenly, I hugged her; she stiffened in surprise but then hugged me back.

“I don’t blame you” I whispered in her ear, and then I stood, hugged Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett. Emmett laughed and said “all right” I was so happy, I kissed him right on the lips, I heard Edward and Rosalie growl. And I pulled back from a slightly dazed Emmett and turned to Rose.

“Sorry, im just happy” I said smiling. I saw my own family’s eyes light up and their mouths drop.

“Happy?” Luke spluttered, and then turned to look at the Cullen’s faces “you know, she’s never said that or even looked that happy in front of us. You did that to her, you made her unhappy and if you do it again, I swear I will kill you, I never want to see her so glum again.” they all looked guilty.

“The past is the past, I forgive you” I smiled at all of them apart from Edward.

“What about me?” my angel asked sadly, and I turned to face him, looking up into his sad eyes.