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New faces

Bella wakes up in a strange room, a strange house with strangers around her, these strange vampires become her new family. This is based on Edward not coming back for Bella and Bella being changd by Victoria then left for dead.


3. Chapter 3

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I stared at him for a second and didn’t know what to say.

On one hand, I was still in love with him.

On the other….well, lets not go into that one…

“Bella…” he whispered, his voice sounding broken and weak.

Weak. I’d never thought him to be weak before, he shouldn’t be vulnerable.

He should be strong and graceful, beauty like the Edward I could remember.

I wanted to hug him, to soothe him and tell him it was going to be alright, I wanted him to know I loved him still.

Apparently Jasper felt what I was feeling and sent Edward a pained look, he was obviously communicating mind to mind and I didn’t want to intrude on that. Edward’s face lit up with hope so I could safely assume that Jasper had told him exactly what I was feeling. I couldn’t really blame him, if it was my brother, I’d do exactly the same thing, properly more so and tell every single one of their deepest thoughts and feelings, dreams and fears.

I met his sad topaz eyes and gave him a small smile.

“I don’t know I whispered, a single bloody tear running down the length of my cheek and dripping onto Edward’s suddenly raised hand.

“Can I at least have a chance?” came the broken reply, his eyes begging me as if his life depended on it.

And from the look in his eyes, maybe it did, maybe if I laughed and said no, he’d drop dead on the floor without a seconds notice. Like when you say you don’t believe in fairies and they die.

I was betting it’d take more then a simple clap to bring him back.

Try the sleeping beauty story line and you might have more chance.

I sighed but nodded.

I might have hated him for a while but i till couldn’t bring myself to refuse those gorgeous golden eyes.

His smile, when it came, lit up my world and I was suddenly so glad I had agreed, I think maybe seeing the opposite of this pure gratitude, awe and love might have just killed me. And even prince charming wouldn’t have been able to bring me back.

He swept me into a crushing, yet tender hug, the Cullen family were all smiling…apart from Rosalie. And even my family were looking slightly more happy.

There was something nagging on my mind, something I should have known, should have realised.

My eyes flicked to Jake and Luke, who, like a gravitational pull had pulled them, were standing close, side by side, stealing glances at each other. I grinned, thinking of the possibilities there could be off them getting into a relationship.

Startling but possible.

And yeah, I was slightly sad to see that they had moved on, but I knew from when I first saw Edward back into my life that I’d end up with him in the end.

We were basically soul mates already, it would be an amazing relationship once we got back together again.

After that, we moved the Cullens into our mansion, giving them the spare rooms, somehow, “accidentally” and “by chance” Edward’s new room, just “happened” to be right next to mine, in a part where there were three other spare rooms he could have gone to.

Yeah right.

We hunted together, we went clubbing together (although the Cullens were VERY against our eating style) we even went shopping together (when Alice could drag me from my room)

Edward and I were being pushed closer and closer together all the time, so I thought I may as well initiate the second move.

Two months after the Cullens had officially moved into our home, I walked through the door to Edward’s room and basically threw myself at him where he lay on the bed.