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I Can't Stay Away

I don't think Jacob gets enough credit. If you haven't read Eclipse yet, don't read this summary! This Jacob's thought process when he decides to see Bella again during Eclispe. I know he sounded confident when talking to Bella, but I'm sure he was hesitant and nervous. So that's how I tried to portray him! I know a lot of you hate Jacob, but just try to see his point of view! Hopefully this poem shows it!


1. Chapter 1

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The pain you caused me is overwhelming

The whole in my stomach is swelling

You kissed me back

You said you loved me

But all in the end,

It was always and would always be him.

I protected you

I was your friend

I helped you when you were in pain

I tried to fill the hole in your heart.

And it was working until you left.

You said that we could still be friends

Sorry, but what part of ‘mortal enemies’ do you not understand?

Do you think it’s easy for me?

These conditions?

You expect me to still make an effort when you broke me so badly?

I know he’s your true love

I know what happened to you when he left!

I know that you need him

And that’s what hurts the most.

I’m not being fair

But I’m not sure if I can still do this

I don’t know if I can watch you be with him

I don’t know how much more my heart can take.

But no matter how much I try,

I can’t stay away

Maybe it won’t hurt as much

If I’m not around him

We can try to see each other

I guess.