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banner by me banner by me 5 YEARS LATER (AFTER ECLIPSE) Jacob and Bella still keep in touch with letters. Find out how their lives are. If Jacob finally found someone else and has forgotten about Bella. And what if they get reunited, will they want to kill each other for what they are?


2. Jacob's confession

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Jacob's Confession

By: Twilights Charm

"Bella?" Alice asked coming into the kitchen, I was staring at Edward in shock as he tried to make a pie for a contest I entered him in out of accident. I looked at her, she smiled vaguely.

"What is it?" I asked, Edward pie exploded in his face, blueberries and strawberries flying to the floor.

"Emmett! Don't touch anything! Ew this tastes disgusting!" Edward exclaimed brushing off some strawberry off his lips.

"I guess you're not such a good cook, huh?" Emmett teased making Edward temper rise.

I got up giggling going up to Edward "Let me see how it tastes..." I said, and licked his lips, it did taste bad but that lowered his temper. He kissed me back laughing.

"You owe me for this." He said wiping pie to my face, I nodded giggling cleaning it off with a paper towel.

"Sorry, Alice, what happened?"

Alice bit her bottom lips, "Uh..this arrived today. It was sent for you, from Jacob."

I furrowed my eyebrows, I didn't think Jacob would respond, "Uh..thanks Alice, I'll read it right now."

I sat back down to the dining table, Alice sat next to me looking at me curiously. "You can read it, I have nothing to hide from you." I said, she smiled and sat next to me.

She leaned her head down to the paper and wrinkled her nose, "oh so this is where the bad smell came from." She said wiping her nose curtly. "I thought it was Edward's cooking." She added looking at Edward teasingly.

"Hey!" Edward protested, "it smells good, you just don't know what quality food is." He said throwing her a mushy piece with a wink.

I sniffed and shuddered, I agreed the smell was disgusting, so this is what they meant about the wolves smell. I smiled.

"What's up?" Edward asked sitting me on his lap.

"Letter from Jacob." I said.

"Oh, so he did respond, well why don't you open it?" He asked eyeing the envelope. I looked at him and giggled, his face was covered in flower and pink strawberries.

I shrugged looking back to the white scrnuched-up envelope. On the front was some scribbled writing that should have made me smile, but instead made me furrow my brows and grimace.

"Open it." Edward whispered in my ear. His breath tickled my neck and i shivered.

I did as he told me to and ripped open the envelope, inside a small rectangular shaped paper fell down, I picked it up from the kitchen floor and turned it over. What I saw there would have made me start crying. I held it shakily in my hands, Edward looked at it curiously and snorted a laugh along with Emmett.

I looked at the picture of me and him together, his arm around my shoulders smiling hugely. His face just as I remembered it. I smiled slightly, half of his head was cut off, so I could only see his eyes down -he was too tall. I remembered when Charlie took this picture of us, it was right outside Jacob's garage. I looked down at me in the picture and grimaced, it was same old me, blushing and trying to hide my face from the camera.

I put the picture on the table and unfolded the letter.

Edward steadied me in his lap and laid his head on my shoulder, I saw Emmett and Alice peeking at the note, I rolled my eyes and read the letter, I sniffed one more time and shivered, I never knew that Jacob did stink!

"Hey Bells!

"I'm glad you wrote to me, I thought you had forgotten about me.

"Life has been boring without you and -I hate to say it- you're vampires. Its not very fun anymore, especially now that every other werewolf has gone off to college or don't talk to me any more."

My eyebrows furrowed, why on Earth would any of the wolves not talk to Jacob?

"You see, I ran away for two years, after I got you're...wedding invitation. I got so angry and upset I needed to get away, so I went off on my own for about two years, then I decided to come back, Billy needed me. When I arrived most of the pack were gone, off to college -things were back to normal down at La Push- and the only ones that were left didn't talk to me. I finished high school, Billy made me, but I skipped a couple of grades, can you believe it, I skipped a couple of grades!"

I smiled, and then my smile faded, I hated to know that Jacob ran away because of the invitation. I shook my head, Edward pressed his lips on my shoulder and I looked back at the letter, I needed to read more.

"Anyway, I wanted to say I'm sorry for not making it to your wedding but I was somewhere in Montana...but I'm glad to hear that you are married for five years."

I winced slightly as I read a crossed out part int he paper, I could read the words even though it was scribbled over many times..."I lost you as a best friend." I frowned again and regretted beginning to read this letter.

Edward seemed to know what I was thinking and nudged the side of my neck with his nose, "Keep going, it gets good, nothing bad." He promised me.

I looked down at the paper and continued to read.

"How is the vampire life treating you? Hope you have controlled your 'so called powers' pretty well, because I want to see you again Bella, even if you are a bloodsucker, I mean I guess you are still my friend, just kidding, of course you are still my friend Bella.

"I guess I'm 23 years old, but I still look like how I was- 17- except a tad bit bigger. So that answers you're other questions, no I haven't yet imprinted, I have been gone for a long time and I haven't really ran into a woman tat I have fallen for, so I guess I never will. Do you know anyone?"

I giggled, sure I knew people, but they were mostly vampires, doubt he'll want them.

I looked up as Tonya walked in giggling with Rosalie, both blonde's had lots of fun together.

"What are you all doing huddled up like that?" Tonya asked.

"An old friend of mine wrote to me and we're all reading." I said.

Rosalie sniffed and then grimaced, "the werewolf wrote back to you?" She asked amazed.

I nodded and looked back at the letter, it was pretty short, only two more sentences left.

"Charlie is fine to tell you, of course he was glum after he found out you ...er ...'died'. But he had been fine these last couple of years, or well Billy says. I haven't seen him much but I will protect him with my life Bella, I promise.

"Take care, write back soon,


I folded the letter neatly and put it back in the envelope.

"Are you going to write back?" Edward asked stroking my cheek.

I shrugged, "I don't think so."

"Why not?" Edward asked.

I looked down, "There's not much more to say Edward, Jacob wants to meet me and there is no way that will ever happen without all of us killing each other, I cant go back down to Forks or La Push, it will bring some memories that I'd rather not revisit." I said with a sigh.

"We should go meet up with him, and we'll see how it goes, I don't think that you will each kill each other." Edward said continuing stroking my hair, Alice nodded slowly, I could tell she was still uncertain, and Emmett shrugged.

I nodded got out of Edward's lap and walked over to the phone, I hesitated, but picked it up and dialled the number of the airlines to book a flight from Denali to Seattle.