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banner by me banner by me 5 YEARS LATER (AFTER ECLIPSE) Jacob and Bella still keep in touch with letters. Find out how their lives are. If Jacob finally found someone else and has forgotten about Bella. And what if they get reunited, will they want to kill each other for what they are?


3. Mini Mart Meet

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"Jacob can you please go down to the store and bring me some milk," Billy called to me from the kitchen. I grumbled but got up from my oh-too-tiny bed, put on some pants and a shirt, and grabbed my shoes while walking outside to the Rabbit.

"Sure thing, dad." I said closing the front door.

I smelled the air, it was another misty morning down at La Push. I put on my shoes, the only pair that I had that weren't ripped, and walked toward my car. I bumped my head while trying to get in it. I winced rubbing my head, I put the key into the ignition and revved out of the rocky driveway.

I wrinkled my nose as I smelled a now familiar smell, I looked over to the passenger's side of the car, where Bella's letter sat open, her smell filling the air. I wrinkled my nose again, I got the letter and flung it out the window.

I sighed as fresh air filled the car. I looked on the stereo, where I had pinned a picture of Bella and I together, the same picture I sent her on the letter. I frowned, things were never going to be the same between Bella and I. Ever.

The mini mart was getting closer, I pulled up into the parking lot and shut the engine off before struggling to get out of the small car. It had began to rain so I could hardly see anything between the mist and rain, but I safely found my way into the store. Once I got in I noticed that Seth and Lea were in there, chatting happily, the shut up once they saw me enter the warm mini mart, Lea gave me a small smile before exiting the store with her brother.

I shook my head, ever since I had ran away nothing was the same with the pack, even though they let me go, I knew they thought I turned my back on them. I shook my head again and walked towards the where the milk was located in.

I grabbed two milk cartons and walked my way to pay, when I saw a beautiful girl looking at me, with a sheepish look on her face. She blushed, and the blush reminded me of when Bella blushed, so I couldn't help but smile back. She blushed deeper and giggled turning away and grabbing a bag of chips.

The lady behind the counter noticed the moment the girl and I had and smiled, "She's new here." She murmured too low for the girl to hear.

"Really?" I asked glancing over to the girl once again. I couldn't explain but every time I looked at that girl I got a weird feeling that i had to be with her, I really couldn't explain because I had never felt like this, not even with Bella.

Could I really-

No there was no way.

But what if I had. Had I really imprinted on this girl?

It seemed like it, because I was just itching to go over to her and hold her in my arms and be with her. I turned away before I really did.

"Yeah. Her name is Linda. She goes to my school, Forks High School, she's a senior." The lady behind the counter said. I nodded. "Well, that will be five dollars." She said.

I handed her the five dollar bill and got the bag with the milk. "Thank you...er...Lindsey." I glanced back to Linda, "for everything."

I sniffed the air remembering Linda's smell so that hopefully I could 'accidentally' bump into her in Forks.

Remembering I couldn't waste anymore time or else Billy would get angry that he didn't have his milk and cereal, I got into the car and drove back up to La Push.

As I reached La Push territory I smelled a familiar scent. I stopped the car dead on the tracks, sniffing the air frantically. Why did this scent seem so familiar?

And before I knew it, my answer was given, out of the tress walked out Edward Cullen, his gold eyes piercing mine, his jaw clenched tight shut and his lips pressed into a fine line. I looked away from him as another scent reached me, this one was less familiar then Edward's but I knew I had smelled it before, and just like Edward, the second vampire appeared out of the shadows of the trees, her long brown hair waving in the wind, her lips, unlike Edward's, were pulled up into a soft smile, and her eyes, gold now, excited and scared. I knew exactly who this girl was, she was my best friend; Bella.