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banner by me banner by me 5 YEARS LATER (AFTER ECLIPSE) Jacob and Bella still keep in touch with letters. Find out how their lives are. If Jacob finally found someone else and has forgotten about Bella. And what if they get reunited, will they want to kill each other for what they are?


4. Stinky Relationship

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Stinky Relationship


We both stared at each other in silence, the only thing to break the silence was me, as the soft breeze brought the oh-too sweet smell towards me, I tried not to breath but even with that it didn't succeed, the scent seemed to seep up my nose and into my lungs no matter how much I resisted.

I shiver went up my spine, making me shake uncontrollably, I growled slightly, trying to keep myself in control. Keep it together. I repeated in my head, I knew Edward could hear so he could keep up a precaution for Bella and him.

The wind stopped blowing for a moment, letting me regain my self-control. I looked up and backed up a bit. Bella was having the same problem I was, my werewolf smell was as strong as her vampire smell. But she didn't move, she stayed in place looking directly at me with worrisome eyes.

I tried to smile but it was hard to even look at her, she wasn't the same Bella I once knew, and fell in love with, she was different; a vampire. Her gold eyes glowed with fear, I looked down at my hands, and they were shaking uncontrollably, my breath came in hard gasps. I shut my eyes, trying to focus on something beside the fact that Bella was a vampire. I didn't want to believe it, but now since she was standing before me, I knew, and the truth caught up to me, sunk into my heart.

"I have to go." I said, I didn't want to, it made me seem weak. But I couldn't stand there, I couldn't without screaming and sobbing like a lunatic.

I started to dash back to the car.

Bella blinked, she looked into my eyes, and gasped, "Jacob, please don't." She called out. Her voice, it sang to me, but it also made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up; her voice was musical and soft, not like her voice, it was like theirs. "Don't go. Jake." I turned my back to her and tried to say something, I couldn't.

I began to walk back to my car, I opened the car door and shot one last glance toward Bella but she was gone, I stopped dead in my tracks. I closed the door and looked around for her but I only found Edward, under the shade of a tree, scowling toward me. I looked at him and nodded once.

He shrugged, "She left, she couldn't take it, she's not use to werewolves. She'll come back, if you want to wait for her." Edward began to disappear into the forest.

"Wait." I called, finally finding my voice once more.

"Yes?" He asked returning to the tree and leaning casually against it.

"Why did you two come here?" I asked.

"Bella insisted on seeing you, after you two were sending letter to each other, she wanted to see you face to face. I guess she never knew how tough it would be to actually confront you after all this time."He said, "Nice to see you." He said, to my surprise.

I chuckled darkly, "You too." I looked down the floor, looking at the small drops of water falling from the sky and hitting the dark pavement. "How has she been?" I asked after a moment of silence.

"Struggling, like all of us do in the beginning." He said, his face looking toward the right, "she's gotten the hang of it." He sighed, still looking to his right.

I followed his gaze and found Bella deep into the forest, her back pressed to a tree, her face facing up to the sky.

"She's ready to come back, are you ready?" He asked.

I nodded, but then something caught me of guard, "You can read her thoughts?" I asked.

"No." He said, looking amused.

"Then, how did you know-" I said pointing to the forest.

"She's my wife, I know her very well, I don't need to hear her thoughts to know what's she's thinking, I guess you could say that I read her like a book." Edward said with a small smile.

I nodded, and then Bella appeared behind the trees. I tried to take a step forward but my brain wasn't sending the message to my feet. I noticed I had it easier talking to Edward then I did facing and trying to talk to Bella.

Edward took a swift look at me smiled and disappeared. I looked to where he had gone, but he was no where close by. Bella noticed he was gone too and looked like she was about to panic. "Hey Bells." I said, trying to cover up the pain in my voice.

She looked at me for a long second, her face expressionless, her eyes shifting from gold to black in less then a second. She shook her head and smiled warmly at me, that smile made my doubt for her wash away, "hey Jake." She said. The same effect happened to me as I heard her voice, I shivered trying to shake it off.

"Didn't expect to see you here, ever." I said leaning on the closed door of the car.

Bella smiled, "never though to be back here, either." She said looking down to second beach. She looked directly into my eyes, "I've missed you Jake, you haven't changed much, besides your height."

"Seven feet, Bells." I said smiling.

"Miracle you fit into that poor car." Bella said eyeing the rabbit.

I chuckled, "yeah," I said, "I've missed you too."

Across the street, Bella's lips twitched, forming a frown, "Things have changed between us haven't they?" She asked, not daring to look into my eyes anymore.

"No." I said quickly.

She smiled and looked back to me. Her eyes intense.

"Yes." I sighed. "But it doesn't mean we can't overcome it."

"Can we?" she asked, I caught the hurt in her voice, and I frowned, "Jake, look at us," she said pointing to the twenty feet of space between us, "we cant get any closer without trying to kill each other." She looked at her hands, "how can our friendship survive like this?" Her voice was sad, and it broke a couple of times.

"It's survived this long." I said, I couldn't lose Bella. Not again, but then something in me told me I have lost her.

Bella shrugged, "no it hasn't, not really, what has survived is what we have been holding on to. Our last memories of each other were strong, and I guess we were still holding on to that, that we could still work things out after this happened to me." Bella said in a voice not much louder than a whisper.

I nodded, "Yeah," I said, "I guess I kind of have been holding onto that part of me, wishing that we could be great friends." I looked down and turned around. "I still love you." I whispered. "Just not like before. More like my sister."

"Me too." Bella whispered.

I thought she was going to leave but when I turned around she was next to me, looking at me.

I ignored her smell, and tried to focus on everything that Bella and I had tried to overcome.

Bella gasped and landed in my arms, she sobbed.

I hugged her body in my arms, my body shaking uncontrollably but I knew I could overcome it, I was much to happy to dare let my werewolf form out.

"You'll always be my best friend." She said her face on my chest.

"You me also." I said facing up, letting the soft rain pour on my face.

A growl escaped Bella throat, she giggled, "sorry."

"No need." I said trying to hold back my own growl. "You know, I think I'd still take you -maybe." I repeated the same words I told her five years before.

She giggled, "I guess that depends on how much I stink, huh?" Bella asked looked up. "How much?"

"A lot." I admitted.

But instead of affecting her in a bad way she laughed, "so do you."

"Guess I can't take you back now, huh?"

"Guess not." She whispered, she looked back up to me and smiled, "not that I wanted to." She said with a small giggle, I caight her sarcastic tone so I didn't take it personally.

I laughed, "oh, so now I'm not good enough." I said teasing her.

"Yes." She said laughing.

"Well I guess I should give the girl I saw today a chance."

She smiled, "maybe you should, maybe she can put up with your hot head." She said, once again sarcastically, punching me on my stomach, the punch hurt. I winced.

"Ouch." I said rubbing my stomach.

Bella backed off, looking in back of her where Edward was leaning on the same tree laughing. "Bye Jake." She said starting to walk back to Edward.

"Bye Bella." I said opening the door, "Bye Edward."

"Goodbye Jacob." And with that they both disappeared into the dark forest.