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banner by me banner by me 5 YEARS LATER (AFTER ECLIPSE) Jacob and Bella still keep in touch with letters. Find out how their lives are. If Jacob finally found someone else and has forgotten about Bella. And what if they get reunited, will they want to kill each other for what they are?


5. Last letter

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~*2 years later*~

Jacob's POV

"Hey darling, what are you doing?" She said entering the living room with a curious face. She noted the paper and pen in my hands and raised her eyebrows in extra wonder.

I sighed and set down the paper on the oak desk in front of me, "Writing a letter to Bella -or trying to, at least," I responded.

I hadn't talked to Bella since our encounter last time, which had been two years. I couldn't talk to Bella, I couldn't get in touch with her in any way. Not because I didn't want to, no, I wanted very much to talk to Bella again, since last time we were off at a better foot, we hadn't tried to kill each other. The only reason why I didn't make any contact with Bella for two years was because, according to one of her vampire family members, Tanya; Bella, Edward, Alice, and Jasper had gone off to a trip around the world. Bella was really taking advantage of her vampire skills.

The vampire, Tanya, reassured me that they would return in two years. I scoffed at her, it seemed like two years were like two months for her. But, I guess, when you have an eternity ahead of you, two years is like two months.

I waited patiently for those two years to pass. Waiting until I could tell Bella my good news. Wanting to see her and hope she would drop by sometime.

She smiled warmly, "Really?" She asked, I knew it came as a shock to her. I had mentioned so much about Bella to her. She was anxious to meet Bella too and now she would finally get a chance.

I settled back into the seat, "yes," I said. She left the room and reappeared again, this time with a pink paper in her hands. She waved it in front of me, "what is that?" I asked her taking the paper from her hand. I smelled a strong flower scent and noticed it was coming from the paper she had given me.

"It's scented paper, flowers," She said with a wink. "I think it should help cover the smell." I sniffed the light pink paper and chuckled, the scent of the flowers was strong enough to cover over my werewolf stench.

I took the scented paper from her hands and placed it in front of me on the desk,"Thank you beautiful," I said crushing the last letter and scoring it in the trash can. She smiled, I grabbed then pen and brought it to the paper. I sighed, "How should I start?" I asked her.

She snorted, "Dear Bella," She said sarcastically, and left the overly spacey living room and entered the kitchen to begin dinner.

I sighed and got the pen and began to write,

"Dear Bella,

Hopefully you have returned from your trip around the world. How was it?

How have you been? Me? I've been good, since our last encounter was pretty short I didn't have time to mention to you about the girl I imprinted on, don't be jealous now, I know I'm irresistible. Anyway, I married her two years after. the last time I last saw you. Oh, that reminds me, you missed my wedding, you owe me one Bells. Or I guess we're even now since I missed yours.

Linda, that's her, reminds me so much of you, she blushes easily, and trips a lot, I guess I just love girls like that. "

"Jacob, tell her I say hello, even though she doesn't know me." Linda said appearing behind me, rapping her warm and embrace-full arms around my shoulders, she pecked my cheek and smacked my head with her spatula.

"Ow." I said rubbing my head in faux pain, "what was that for?" I asked her.

"Why would you put that?" She asked pointing at the spot where I wrote that Bella had missed my wedding, "You didn't invite her, how would she show up?" Linda said in a sad tone.

"She was out of...the country, I guess, I couldn't invite her." I said shrugging.

Linda nodded and returned back to the kitchen.

"Linda sends a hello.

She's an amazing cook. Not like you were of course. Oh, I shouldn't mention food to you, I bet it doesn't sound so appetizing. Well sucking on some animal doesn't sound so good to me either.

Well, Linda has heard so much about you, and has begged me to bring you, and Edward, down here, but since I told her you're a vampire -don't worry she wont tell a soul- she knows the trouble it can be."


Bella's POV

"Bella, Edward, Alice, and Jasper!" Tanya screamed and ran down the stairs, she crashed into me with a big hug. I giggled as she hugged everyone with such enthusiasm. "Honestly, you guys are not to leave that long again. This house was dull without you, Esme only moped around, Carlisle was restless, Emmett missed his wrestling buddies, since most of us here didn't want to, and Rosalie missed her shopping girls, apparently none of us here have style." Tanya sighed and slunk into the sofa near the entrance.

I giggled, "Sorry Tanya, I guess we got caught up with the whole world that we lost track of time." I said putting a hand on Tanya shoulder, "but we called everyday, didn't we?"

"A call is not enough." I heard a soft voice call from the stairs. I looked up and smiled, our motherly vampire was smiling warmly at us. Edward chuckled, Alice giggled and, Jasper sighed. "I'm terribly happy you four are home."

"We're happy to be back home." Edward said outstretching his hands to give his mother a hug. Esme sighed in Edward's arms.

"Sorry mom." Alice said giggling.

Jasper sighed, "we missed you too Esme." He gave Esme a warm hug and then went to the wall, crossing his arms over his chest and closed his eyes. The atmosphere in this room was gentle and happy enough for him to enjoy.

Alice sat down on the sofa where Tanya was , "Where's Rose and Emmett?" she asked peering around the hall to see if the other members of our family arrived.

"Oh they're at work, with Carlisle," Esme said.

"They work?" Edward asked astonished, "what about school?"

"They graduated last week, you guys missed it." Esme said finally letting go of Edward's hand, "so they left with Carlisle to work as interns, they'll be excited you have returned." Esme said clapping her hands together. "How was it?"

"Fabulous!" Alice chimed in with a dreamy look in her eye, "we swam from New York to England. It was fabulous there!" She said sighing.

"After England we went to Russia," Jasper said with a shrug. "Interesting stuff they have there."

"It was lovely there, too." I said agreeing. "After Russia we traveled down to Africa and went to Egypt." I said holding out my hand to show a diamond bracelet we found in a shop in Egypt.

"Then we swam back across the ocean to China." Edward said looking at Alice and rolled his eyes, "It was very exciting there."

Alice giggled, "I just had to see the trends there." She said sending a smile toward Edward.

"Doesn't seem like Edward liked it much." Esme noted with a meaningful look at Edward.

"We ran into two vampires." I said with a giggle as I remember, "they had the likings for Edward."

Edward shivered and took me in his arms, "only you." He whispered in my ear so only I could hear.

"I bought a lot of clothes there, they have the most adorable things." Alice said holding up her luggage bags, which were filled with new clothes.

"Oh Bella. I just remembered Jacob sent you a letter. It arrived this morning." Tanya said gesturing toward the kitchen.

I smiled. I meant to call Jacob on my trip, but since I didn't have his phone I didn't have anyway of contacting him. And since we didn't have a cell phone with us, I couldn't give the phone number to Tanya or Esme to give it to him.

I entered the white luminous kitchen and walked over to the counter where a single envelope lay there and a messy writing scribbled on it.

I lifted it and giggled, it smelled like flowers. Obviously Jacob bought scented paper, comes in handy for us.

"What that smell?" Edward said sniffing the air.

"Flowers, seems like Jacob got scented paper," I said opening the envelope and another picture fell out. I didn't recognize the girl on there, but I could see Jacob in a tux and her in a white gown. Did Jake get married? I asked my self in amazement. "Look." I told Edward. He took the picture and raised his brows. I got the envelope and opened the letter, it strongly smelled like flowers, only a hint of werewolf.

I read the letter and grimaced, "I guess we missed Jacob's wedding," I said with a sigh, "he married a girl he imprinted on," I said with a giggle. And Jacob thought he would never imprint. "Her name is Linda," I whispered, "Edward, doesn't that mean beautiful in Spanish?"

He nodded, "yes, it does, just like Bella." Edward peeked at the letter, "guess girls who blush and trip aren't the only things he is attracted to, he is also attracted to girls who's names mean beautiful."

"Guess so."

"I have missed you very much. Our last meeting was short. You should come again, and if you want you could bring the rest of the "clan". Don't worry, I won't hurt them, I can take care of my angriness now. You twenty, or however many you are, can drop by anytime.

I would really appreciate it and Linda would too. Many things have changed here that I would love to show you. Most of the werewolves have moved out of La Push , they were sick of it here, and ,frankly, I don't blame them. It's so uneventful here. No vampires trying to reek havoc.

Tell your Edward I said hello. And thank you; he should know for what.


Jacob and Linda Black"

I raised my eyebrows in amazement as I read that sentence. I re-read that sentence and put down the letter, "anyone want to come to Forks?" I asked.

Everyone walked into the kitchen in wonder.

"One last trip on the agenda?" I asked, hoping they would want to, I really wanted to see Jacob and his wife.

"Sure, we'll wait for the rest to come back from work and we could drop by," Alice chimed. "Visit Jacob, huh?" She asked.

I nodded, I was glad we were going to see Jake, I folded the letter neatly back inside its envelope.

Alice giggled, "we're off to see the werewolf, the werewolf, the werewolf of Forks."