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In My Time

In My Time by Awsomealice94 Thank you Marauder by Midnight for the banner Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Mason were just sixteen and seventeen before they met, their destinies never seeming to cross paths. Living in the very outskirts of Chicago, Bella doesn’t want to be married as quickly as society wants. Edward wants to help assist President Wilson by fighting in the World War. Plans seemed to all change when, unexpectedly, with one little spark, a fire seemed to ignite the both of them. Through troubles beyond comprehension, the times of properness and society, influenza on the rise, and abhorrent losses- perhaps even their own deaths, the two of them must concur them all. But can they? A love story to the fullest-but of course, even the best love stories have tragedy and losses nestled inside. (2nd most favorite on the site! Thanks guys! Also-In My Time was on display in Waterstones Bookstore, located in Oxford,United Kingdom for a twilight event)

- alright, I have a VERY good feeling about this story, and I am hoping you will too. Disclaimer- I own nothing, I just write fan fic, and I love doing it :)

16. A Long Day

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~Bella Marie Swan’s Point of View~

“No no, NO. That is not what I wanted-it is supposed to fit her perfectly! Look at the waist line! Completely wrong!” Mother criticized, for the millionth time. It all sounded the same now-all she did was whine.

“That is definitely not a design for you, Bella.” Angela said to me, enduring my pain. We both had headaches, and I smiled apologetically back to her. Jessica looked at the train,

“No-Angela’s right-this is not It.” she shook her head. Jessica and Angela were my bride’s maids, so it was customary they both went with me, as well as my mother, to pick a design for my wedding dress. Of course it would be custom, like most high society women would have, but at this point I didn’t care. I was tired of white, or ivory-or anything of that nature.

“Do you like this type of veil? Or this one?” Angela asked me. There was one with a tiara, and one that was with a head piece that she held in both of her hands.

“Neither.” I shook my head.

Angela sighed, “I don’t like them either.” she continued to look around the dress shop, over where veils were on display.

“Come here Bella-let us get that dreadful smock off of you.” Mother demanded. I looked away from the three-way mirror and stepped carefully off of the pedestal I was standing on. I, once again, shuffled my feet into the dressing room and had Jessica help me get this dress off. Angela sounded like she found veils she liked for me and was showing my Mother.

“I do rather like this one, Angela. Wonderful choice, Dear.” She gushed. Jessica gave me a look,

“That is the first time I heard her ever like something today.” She whispered.

“I know-I don’t think this headache is ever going to go away!” I murmured as she helped me put another dress on.

“I like this one, Bella. So you better like it too-it’s perfect.” Jessica said to me, helping to fasten it in the back.

“Let’s hope so, for the sake of our sanity.” I said back, walking back in front of the mirror.

“Wait! Here Bella.” Angela placed the veil she and Mother must have liked on my head gently. I looked at myself in the mirror. The dress had long sleeves of lace, and the neck line was off the shoulder. The top was white, but there was still a tiny bit of lace. It was cut differently across my collar bone, which made it all the more beautiful. The train was long and white, and the back had a tiny bit more lace. The veil was simple, with the same type of cut that the dress had along my collar bone but on the edges of the veil-it was all lace. There was a very thin tiara-it was tiny to not draw to much attention but beautiful enough to sparkle in the light and catch your eye.

“It’s perfect.” I breathed. It was simple yet elegant.

“Yes I quite agree, absolutely beautiful.” Mother didn’t whine at all. Not once.

“I love it, Bella!” Angela exclaimed. Jessica nodded,

“Edward won’t take his eyes off of you, even if he tries.” She said to me, smiling.

I blushed, “thank you.” I said to her.

“This is the only one of its kind. It is a brand new design-for this fall. Definitely in fashion, even the veil. Miss Swan, you would be the first to wear both of them.” the clerk said to me.

“Marvelous! We’ll take this dress and veil then. The first to wear it, my Bella! And not one bride will be able to wear something even like it!” Mother said, going over to the clerk and seamstress to talk details. Hopefully, there would be little done to the dress-I liked it how it was.

“What about the bride’s maid dresses?” Angela asked. I bit my lip and walked over to the selection they had in the store.

“I believe the colors are a type of blue, purple and white…” I murmured, looking at the different styles.

“Take your pick. As long as you come to a consensus, I’m fine with whatever you both like.” I smiled at them. I wasn’t going to make them wear something horrendous-they should be happy on my wedding day too.

~Edward Anthony Mason’s Point of View~

“Hey Ed, are you nervous?” Collin called over from his three-way mirror. We were at the seamstress, getting all four of our tuxedos fitted and ready for next week. My father was also with Collin, Leo and I.

“Not at the moment.” I shook my head as the clerk pinned something on my jacket.

“Oh he will be. Judging by how he reacted to the proposal, the day of the wedding he’ll be a mess.” Leo smirked at me as I shot him a look.

“Very nice, make sure that’s hemmed.” My Father walked over after he was done being fitted. The clerk nodded once and went to go write notes down.

I looked at myself in the mirror one more time to make sure I liked it. In a way, I didn’t really care. All of my thoughts were full of Bella it was hard for me to concentrate on anything else but her. It was a normal tuxedo-black and white with tails. I would be wearing gloves, though I particularly didn’t want to. A hat was mandatory until I entered the church.

“That wasn’t too bad; we were only in there for an hour at most.” Collin said to me as we walked downtown. Father had taken the car home and offered to take all of us home as well, but we declined. It was a Friday night-I was not about to sit home and do absolutely nothing.

“I heard Miss. Swan and her bridesmaids and mother were in the dress shop for nearly four hours.” Leo snickered.

“That had to have been her mother’s doing.” I smiled.

“That’s torture.” Collin commented as we walked into a restaurant. Unfortunately, because of Bella’s trying day I couldn’t go see her tonight. But there would always be tomorrow.

A waiter seated us immediately and I looked at my menu and then stopped reading.

“The papers say they will be starting a draft soon.” Leo said. My eyes lifted up,

“I read that too. The war is getting worse, according to reports. Hundreds of men come home with injuries. Tyler Crowley came home with a purple heart-shot in the leg.” Collin said.

“He’s lucky to be alive.” I muttered.

“We’ve been talking, Collin and I, about what we were thinking about a few months ago.” Leo said.

“You mean about joining up?” I asked him. He nodded,

“I have nothing to stay here for. No girl friend or fiancé-and they need men to fight.” Leo explained.

“It’s the same with me. I know it’s twisted out there, but I feel like an idiot just sitting here and doing nothing when I know I can.” Collin explained.

“This is serious. Have you told your parents yet?” I asked. They both shook their heads no quickly,

“You know as well as I they’d never let us go. But it’s going to happen sooner or later. Collin and I are signing up tomorrow.” Leo said.

“You know how much I wanted to fight. I was nearly obsessed with fighting in this war before I met Bella. I just can’t…I can’t sign up now-she’s my life. I can’t-” I tried to explain. There was no possible way I could leave her. I wanted to fight in the war-we three had made plans to sign up when the time was right a few months ago. When I met Bella, I was on my way to go find out more about the draft.

As soon as I looked into her eyes I changed directions and never even thought of the draft.

“We know, Ed. We understand completely.” Collin nodded.

“Thanks.” I muttered before the waiter came to take our orders for dinner. I felt uneasy the rest of the night-my best friends were joining up for the war. They could die. And there was nothing I could do. Reality set in quickly-no longer was I young and naive and obsessed about fighting. So much more realization set in with just that one conversation.