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In My Time

In My Time by Awsomealice94 Thank you Marauder by Midnight for the banner Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Mason were just sixteen and seventeen before they met, their destinies never seeming to cross paths. Living in the very outskirts of Chicago, Bella doesn’t want to be married as quickly as society wants. Edward wants to help assist President Wilson by fighting in the World War. Plans seemed to all change when, unexpectedly, with one little spark, a fire seemed to ignite the both of them. Through troubles beyond comprehension, the times of properness and society, influenza on the rise, and abhorrent losses- perhaps even their own deaths, the two of them must concur them all. But can they? A love story to the fullest-but of course, even the best love stories have tragedy and losses nestled inside. (2nd most favorite on the site! Thanks guys! Also-In My Time was on display in Waterstones Bookstore, located in Oxford,United Kingdom for a twilight event)

- alright, I have a VERY good feeling about this story, and I am hoping you will too. Disclaimer- I own nothing, I just write fan fic, and I love doing it :)

18. Edward's Feelings

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~Edward Anthony Mason’s Point of View~

“Dear, Collin and Leo are coming here shortly. Then all five of us will arrive at the church-after we get ready. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Williams will be going separately from you boys.” Mother announced as I looked around my room for anything that I might have missed.

Packing-it was part of the things that made weddings a bittersweet ordeal. A wedding was about change, love, and tears-about starting a life of your own with the one you love. I had a feeling tears would be shed a lot today, judging by my mother’s expression. She looked at the last two suitcases left that were sitting on the floor. I had packed everything that would be essential in the house my family had bought for Bella and I to live in.

“Every weekend, Mother, Bella and I will have dinner with you.” I told her again. I gave her my handkerchief and she dabbed her tears away.

“I know-it’s just so real now. I’m happy for you; dear-Bella is what I always dreamt and more for you. Yet I just keep wondering, whatever happened to that little boy who always held my hand and stayed by my side?” She said to me, more tears pooling up in her eyes, threatening to roll down her face.

“It’s still me-just more grown up. You knew from the start that one day you would be standing here like this, Mother. I won’t be far-the house is just ten minutes away by car-just in Chicago rather than the outskirts like we are now. Today won’t be the last time you see me, I promise.” I told her. She nodded and hugged me,

“I think I hear the boys. I love you so much, Edward.” she walked out of my room, and I grabbed both bags to take out to the car. They would be run over to the house before we left for the church. Bella’s things were being taken care of by her mother and father-she still didn’t know about the house that I’d purchased.

It was white, completely up to date with a wraparound porch and the latest Victorian style. It had two levels, and was the same size if not bigger than my parent’s house. My father had found it, and only wanted the best. It was more in the city-right by my father’s second bank…or at least the one that I would be running.

Furniture was already in it, flowers planted, appliances in place. These were the last of my clothes that had to be taken-then once we were in it, our house would be complete.

“Edward!” Collin greeted me; taking a bag from me and following me back out to the car.

“Where is Leo?” I asked as we put them in the car and walked back inside.

“He’s coming, I suppose. Something about running to the Seamstress to pick up his jacket-they had problems with his size two days ago at the final fitting, remember?” Collin explained. I nodded-I had completely forgotten about that.

“So do you think you’re ready…for all of this, I mean?” Collin gestured to a ring box on the dining room table, as well as my tuxedo which had just been put in here to make sure nothing was missing. We stopped as I looked at the ring box.

“Yes…yes I know I am. I was ready to marry her ever since I knew I loved her. I’ve never really…felt anything like this before. Not ever. Love is a weird feeling…but now that I know what I was missing, I can’t see myself without her.” I told him. He nodded once,

“That was exactly the kind of answer that I was looking for. It’s good to know you are sure…most people aren’t on their wedding day.” He told me. I smiled,

“Want to go play ball-before we have to get ready? For old times’ sake.” I proposed. He smirked,

“Done deal. I’ll go get my glove, and-” Collin was cut off.

“I’ll get my glove as well. Ed-can you bring the baseball? We’ll meet at the park.” Leo joined in on the conversation, setting a garment bag over a chair. I nodded, and they walked out the door. I had to clear my mind before saying ‘I do’-and baseball was something that always helped.

~Isabella Marie Swan’s Point of View~

“Bella!” Angela greeted me as I was making sure the bouquets looked alright before sending them down to the church. Bouquets were not taken lightly now and days-the bride’s was almost the most important thing in a wedding. It was delirious to me, but journalists from the paper would no doubt analyze everything that I did. If I tripped, I was sure the headline would be ‘the once Miss. Swan takes a misstep’ or something of that nature.

“Are you nervous yet?” Jessica grinned, sitting down at the table next to me.

“Good afternoon to you too.” I gave her a small smile.

“Let’s not get on the subject of nervousness-she has hours and hours before she walks down the aisle.” Angela proposed. I nodded gratefully,

“Thank you. The stylists are here to do our hair-in my room. I was just waiting for the two of you.” I told them, getting up and gesturing for one of the maids to take these flowers to the church. We three walked up the stairs,

“Where is your mother? I’d imagine she would be in a frenzy right about now.” Jessica asked me, keeping her voice low.

“I don’t quite know…she and Father told me they would be back in an hour…” my voice trailed off as we entered my room.

“I think they’ve packed your things, Bella.” Angela whispered. All of my books were gone, and I peered into the closet to find that nothing was in it. Everything that was once here except for furniture was gone.

I stood there, a little shocked, but Angela put her arm around my shoulders gently, “It was going to happen sometime-after all living with Edward without any of your things wouldn’t be good, now would it?” she murmured. I nodded,

“You’re right…I just never really realized…” I trailed off mid-sentence as the stylists motioned for all three of us to come to where they had set up mirrors and chairs.

“Miss. Swan, you’re mother has instructed us to have your hair up, but curled. We were thinking of putting tiny purls in your hair as well…and for the two ladies here we wanted to put their hair in a bun, curled as well but a bit more simple. Is that alright?” one women asked me. I looked at Angela and Jessica-they both nodded they’re heads.

“That sounds lovely.” I told them before sitting down. I honestly didn’t care about hair, or my dress, or anything else. I just wanted to be with Edward. That was all that mattered.