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In My Time

In My Time by Awsomealice94 Thank you Marauder by Midnight for the banner Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Mason were just sixteen and seventeen before they met, their destinies never seeming to cross paths. Living in the very outskirts of Chicago, Bella doesn’t want to be married as quickly as society wants. Edward wants to help assist President Wilson by fighting in the World War. Plans seemed to all change when, unexpectedly, with one little spark, a fire seemed to ignite the both of them. Through troubles beyond comprehension, the times of properness and society, influenza on the rise, and abhorrent losses- perhaps even their own deaths, the two of them must concur them all. But can they? A love story to the fullest-but of course, even the best love stories have tragedy and losses nestled inside. (2nd most favorite on the site! Thanks guys! Also-In My Time was on display in Waterstones Bookstore, located in Oxford,United Kingdom for a twilight event)

- alright, I have a VERY good feeling about this story, and I am hoping you will too. Disclaimer- I own nothing, I just write fan fic, and I love doing it :)

23. Parting

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“Are you sure you want to visit them by yourself?” Edward asked me for what seemed the millionth time. I had my golden key in hand as I tried to button up my jacket.

“You have work to do, Edward. I will be completely fine going to the hospital by myself, dear,” I winked, “if I trip- in an instance where clumsiness takes over and I get hurt- I will be going to the hospital anyway, right?” he smiled back and nodded, handing me my gloves.

“At least let me drive my wife to her destination.” He pleaded. I sighed and nodded, handing him my key to lock our front door. He handed it back to me and kissed my cheek, holding his briefcase in one hand and my hand in the other.

“It must be under thirty degrees.” I exclaimed, shivering as we climbed into the car.

“Unfortunately, it will be like this until at least April.” Our winters were the longest, taking up more than half a year. I nodded, knowing that it would be gloomy and bitterly cold for many more months. Already I was yearning for spring-to see green instead of white snow. I missed the flowers, and the warmth. But winter replaced all of my favorite things with snow, wind, gray, and cold. It was never pleasant. And of course there were the always present sheets of ice on the ground, ready to bring me to the ground with one wrong step.

“Will you be home at the regular time?” I asked him as we neared the best hospital in Chicago. Luckily, it wasn’t too far in the city, and only about five minutes away from our home.

“Yes, if all of the meetings go well it may be even before then.” Edward nodded. He pulled over and got out of the car, opening my door and helping me out. “If you need anything, the bank and the hospital both have phones. You can just call.” He told me. I nodded, knowing that that would cost a lot of money. I would walk home, anyway.

“I love you.” I whispered. He kissed me,

“I love you too. Give my best to your parents, and please tell them I’m very sorry for not being able to visit too.” I nodded and watched him get into the car and turn around, heading towards the bank.

I sighed and walked inside the hospital. An immediate greeting of chaos blew my way. I grimaced and walked forward, towards the nurse behind a greeting desk. I had only been in the hospital once, when I fell off of a horse and broke my left leg. But that was a long time ago, and I didn’t fully remember what it looked like on the inside. Now I remember why-I blocked out painful memories.

There was a depressing aura about hospitals that I shied away from. I didn’t like the feeling of….death. Of course, some were healing-and I hoped my parents were one of those very special people. But most were dying in here, and despite doctors and nurses, everyone knew there wasn’t much you could do about that.

“Hello, I’m-” I began to tell the nurse, pulling off my gloves and holding them in my right hand.

“Mrs. Mason!” Dr. Carlisle Cullen greeted me, passing by the greeting room. I looked up and smiled slightly-a familiar face. That comforted me some-I didn’t like being all alone in a place that was so uncomfortable and strange to me.

“Dr. Cullen, it’s nice to see you again-though I’m sorry about the circumstances on which we’re meeting.” I greeted him. He nodded,

“Yes, I’m sorry about that as well.”

“I was hoping I may have a visit with my parents.” I told him. His smile vanished, and my eyes widened.

“They’re being quarantined. I don’t know if you seeing them would be in the best interest for your health-” he tried to protest.

“Dr. Cullen-I won’t leave this building until I see my parents.” I whispered, “I want to see them alive-not,” my voice broke, “dead. They’re my parents, Dr. Cullen. My parents are somewhere in this hospital on their death beds-and don’t deny it, because I know how this influenza usually ends. I want to see my parents alive.” I repeated, pleading with him. Tears pooled up, threatening to spill over with any blink.

“Okay.” He nodded once, not liking the fact that he may be putting me at risk for catching the disease. It wasn’t any worse than it spreading normally-the risk for getting the influenza was at a high every day. He gestured for me to follow him, and so I did.

“Please, Mrs. Mason-”

“Bella.” I corrected.

“Bella,” he nodded, “please wear one of these. It is a face mask, one that may protect you from the germ entering your mouth. It hasn’t been proven to work, but most of the doctors and nurses here are wearing them when subjected to the disease.” He explained. It was white, and was an odd looking thing. But I nodded and took it anyway, because Dr. Cullen was letting me see my parents against the hospitals rules.

“Shouldn’t you wear one too, then?” I asked him quietly as we continued further into the hospital. He had an odd expression on his face before answering,

“I won’t get sick.” He shook his head. I didn’t bother asking any more questions-it was as if he knew he wouldn’t catch the influenza no matter what he did. I didn’t think any more into it because he stopped outside of a door.

“They may be sleeping. They will be weak, Bella. Don’t start into a full conversation and expect much from them. But, if they are asleep you can talk to them anyway. They can still hear you.” he gestured for me to go in, before helping me situate my face mask.

I gasped at the sight I was greeted to. There were two beds, both not looking the least bit comfortable. On the left is where my Father lay, his eyes closed. On the right, my mother’s eyes fluttered open and shut. Both were so sickly pale and thin. My mother’s hair was in a mess behind her, and I had never seen both so…sick.

“Mother? Father?” I asked gently, closing the door before I unbuttoned my jacket. I hung it on a hook and turned back to the worst sight I had ever seen in my life.

“Bella?” there was a hollow croak, coming from my mother’s lips. I rushed to her side,

“Mommy, it’s me. I’m here.” I told her, brushing my hand on her cheek. She was very warm. Her eyes opened weakly,

“Dear, how glad I am to see you.” she sighed, and I had to strain to listen.

“How do you feel?” I asked her, taking her hand.

“Horrible, sweat heart. But you look well.” She breathed.

“Yes, Edward and I are doing fine. He had work to accomplish today, and he was very sorry he couldn’t be here with me.” I explained.

“That’s quite alright,” she took another breath, “as long as you are here.” She closed her eyes and breathed in and out. I gulped and bit my lip to hold back the gushing tears. I didn’t realize how bad they both were. I spotted a brush on the table next to her.

“Do you feel well enough to sit up?” I asked her. She opened her eyes and nodded,

“I suppose so.” I helped her, taking her pillows and propping her up. I eyed my father, making sure he was breathing as he slept.

“How about I do your hair? You did mine numerous times, it’s only fair.” I forced a smile. She nodded, though it was only a weak twitch of the head.

“That would be wonderful, Bella.” She coughed once, and I stood where I was for a second. Even if I had a mask on, I remembered reading that coughing was how the influenza spread. I walked forward though, despite the risk. I gave her a glass of water until the coughing ended.

I began to brush through her dark brown hair. It was the exact shade of mine, except for the few gray hairs and the length. We talked while I was brushing, well…mostly I talked. She listened, nodding or grumbling in agreement or disagreement. I brushed until her hair was its shiny and silky usual self. I pulled it up in a bun, and I would have grabbed a mirror, had it not been for the fact that she looked so sick.

“Beautiful.” I murmured, letting her lay back down.

“Bella dear, I feel myself drifting to sleep, so I wanted to talk with you before I do.” I didn’t know if she meant sleeping for a few hours….or sleeping for forever.

“Okay.” I whispered.

“Thank you for visiting, honey. You have been the best daughter a mother could ever ask for, and you have made me so happy. I’m very lucky I was able to see you grow up and get married…and to start your life.” Her breathing was ragged as she continued, and I fought back a sob, not wanting to stop her. I closed my eyes, remembering how she is supposed to look-how she looked two months ago. I just listened to her voice, remembering it for when the time came when I couldn’t hear her voice any longer.

“I love you. No matter what you do, what you become, and how you live your life it will be more than enough to make me happy and proud of you.” she whispered. Had it been just a couple of months ago when everything was fine?

“Thank you, Mother. I love you too. Everything you did for me, to make my life so much better and perfect, makes me so grateful. Without you I would never be where I am now, and know what I know now.” I told her, kissing her cheek. But by the time I finished, despite how much she had tried, her eyes fluttered shut, and she slept. I listened to her breathing, and walked over to father.

“Dr. Cullen has told me you can hear me, even if you’re sleeping. So I want to talk with you, Daddy. I miss you and I love you. And I wanted to thank you…” I began to talk with him too, even If he didn’t talk back. But something told me he could hear me too. Before I finally took my coat and forced my feet to shuffle from the room, there was a faint,

“I love you too, Bella.” from Father. But when I looked back at him, beginning to rush to his side, he was still sleeping. I let the tears I had been holding in all day fall as I walked away.


The funeral was like any other I had been to.

It was sad and depressing. The color black was worn and used everywhere I looked. Edward had kept me where I was, despite how much I wanted to run away and never look back.

It was as if I was standing there physically, but someplace else mentally. I wasn’t paying attention to anything-it was as if I left for the day, only existing in memories of my parents and nothing else. It was hard for me to even breathe, because I knew that I was really there-at my parent’s funeral.

There were many people we knew in attendance. Every single person that had come, and wished me the best, and informed me that they were sorry for my loss, made me feel even worse. I felt like others were intruding…they didn’t realize what they were saying. ‘Our condolences’- they were just happy it wasn’t one of their family members.

My hands were shaking the whole entire time. My eyes and face were wet for the whole entire thing-morning to night. Why did it have to be them? Why my mother and father?

I was in so much shock and I was so sad and angry I didn’t know what to say. I just nodded and let whoever came to me hold me.

My mother and father were the ones in those caskets, being lowered down into the earth. They were my caregivers, the people I had known for my whole life- the people that, had it not been for, I would never even be here. Now they were gone.

I would never see them in real life. I would never hear their voices or feel their arms around me. I could never walk along the farm trails with Father or pick wild flowers for my Mother. She would never be there again to bustle me into town or to be there with me to buy a new dress or book.

They would both never witness a child of mine being born, or another birthday and holiday. They were gone.

I rolled into bed, my hands still shaking. I turned on my side and felt Edward next to me. He put his arm around me and held me, not saying a word. I had lost my parents.

I breathed in and out and shut my eyes. They were red and swollen; burning with how many tears came out today. There were no more tears to cry right now. I had been sobbing for the last two nights since finding out. Edward had held me just like this every time.

But I didn’t want Edward right now.

I wanted my father to tuck me in and wish me goodnight. I wanted my mother to kiss me on the forehead and tell me a story before leaving the room.

But I would never get that ever again.

One last tear escaped my eye as I drifted off into sleep, wanting to have my mother and father here with me again- just for one more time.