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In My Time

In My Time by Awsomealice94 Thank you Marauder by Midnight for the banner Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Mason were just sixteen and seventeen before they met, their destinies never seeming to cross paths. Living in the very outskirts of Chicago, Bella doesn’t want to be married as quickly as society wants. Edward wants to help assist President Wilson by fighting in the World War. Plans seemed to all change when, unexpectedly, with one little spark, a fire seemed to ignite the both of them. Through troubles beyond comprehension, the times of properness and society, influenza on the rise, and abhorrent losses- perhaps even their own deaths, the two of them must concur them all. But can they? A love story to the fullest-but of course, even the best love stories have tragedy and losses nestled inside. (2nd most favorite on the site! Thanks guys! Also-In My Time was on display in Waterstones Bookstore, located in Oxford,United Kingdom for a twilight event)

- alright, I have a VERY good feeling about this story, and I am hoping you will too. Disclaimer- I own nothing, I just write fan fic, and I love doing it :)

24. Grieving

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~Edward Anthony Mason’s Point of View~

For losing her parents, Bella seemed to moving through grieving at a very good rate. It made me look like an over emotional idiot when Collin and Leo left-because it took me so much longer to get over the initial shock and they weren’t even…gone.

How was a husband supposed to look at his wife, who was in pain, and not be able to do a thing about it? I watched her as she curled up by her bay window, just looking at something…or maybe even nothing. She was the woman I loved, and would do anything for-my Bella, the one I would spend the rest of my existence with. I loved her more than life itself. But there wasn’t much in a situation like this for me to do; that was what bothered me the most.

If I could take all of her pain and sadness away, even give it to myself, to stop what she was going through I would in a heartbeat. She was so strong though-she was doing so well. I knew Bella would try her best to overcome this obstacle, and I admired her even more for that. I walked forward gingerly.

“Mr. Bennett will be here shortly.” I said to her, gently. She looked away from the window she was looking out of and smiled slightly,

“I know…” she trailed off. I helped her up from the window seat and put my arm around her waist, pulling her along to the sitting room. Mr. Bennett was Renée and Charlie’s lawyer, as he was ours.

He would be delivering their will here, because only Bella’s name was on it. I wasn’t surprised at all-both didn’t have any extended family and Bella was an only child, like me.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her. It was now my job to take care of her, because she was my wife, and because she took care of me when I wasn’t feeling well.

“Better,” she sighed, “it’s just…I was finally accepting the fact that they were…gone, and now I have to be reminded of it all over again.” She bit her lip and looked at how I would react. I nodded,

“I understand that.” I held her in my arms before there was a knock on our door. I let her stay sitting and I answered,

“Hello, Mr. Bennett.” I greeted him, offering to take his coat.

“Edward, how are you? If you don’t mind, this will be a very short visit. I’ll just keep my jacket on.” I nodded an okay,

“I’m doing fine.” I told him, and then I let him follow me to the left, where Bella was already sitting in the room. After he sat down and greeted Bella, he opened his brief case and pulled out a file with papers stuffed inside.

“Bella, your parents have left a combined will. It basically states that they left you absolutely everything; the farm and land, the house, their fortune, all of their personal belongings- everything.” He told her. She nodded,

“Do I sign something?” she asked.

“Just this form, for our offices to keep.” He nodded, handing her a pen and showing her where to sign her name. She signed the form quickly and handed the pen back to him.

“We have copies of all the papers in here. These deeds are for you to keep.” He began to hand them to Bella, but I interceded and took them from him instead. She was in no condition to even be doing this right now-I could tell it from her expression. It was a mixture between sadness and the wanting to flee this room. She had her hands clasped together to keep from shaking, and her legs were crossed, wanting to move her away.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Bennett.” I told him. He nodded and got up, shook my hand, and then left out the door he came in. I turned to look at Bella,

“Sweet heart,” I murmured, walking over to her, “You’re going to be fine. I’ve got you.” I put my arms around her and let her collapse on my lap, her body rolling into a ball. Her head was leaning against my heart as she breathed in and out. I brushed her lips in a kiss and let her close her eyes, where she soon fell asleep.


I passed by the downtown crowed, maneuvering in between last minute Christmas shoppers. Though there wasn’t a lot of spending now, what with the Great War. Flyers on patriotism and rationing cluttered street lamp poles, while newspapers gave us updates on how horrible the opposing countries in the war, especially Germany, were. It just reminded me of Collin and Leo, and how plans had changed so quickly since last June, when the declaration of the war was fresh and hatred for other countries and guilt into helping our country was high and mighty. I tried to focus my attention back at the large, and seemingly impossible, task at hand.

I was trying to get a good look at the windows of the stores. I was scouting out Christmas presents. I wasn’t used to getting mine so late, but so many things seemed to happen in this month that presents were the farthest thing from my mind.

Angela Webber had come over to keep Bella company while I was shopping and at work. It pained me to be away from her for so long, when she needed me. But Angela was right when she pointed out that this was something Bella had to overcome by herself-and nobody could do it for her. I felt that her being alone in such a state wouldn’t appeal to her well being, so I had asked Angela to come. She was more than understanding with the idea, and we both thought that perhaps having Bella’s best friend with her could at least help Bella with her grieving.

There was a whole other problem I was facing, though it was microscopic in comparison. I had no idea what to get Bella for Christmas. I never had to buy my wife a Christmas present, seeing as though I never had a wife. I had asked Father for some ideas, and he insisted that you could never go wrong with jewelry. If I was going to get her jewelry it had to be made special somehow. Bella was perfect-and even the most beautiful and extraordinary diamond wasn’t enough.

I had already gotten Mother and Father presents. Mother would get a new bracelet and Father a rather expensive pen. Uncle George and Aunt Jane would get a new vase for their home and Diana a new doll, which would be from Bella and me both.

I held onto my hat as more wind and snow came at me. It was a cloudy and horrible late afternoon in Chicago. I repeatedly kept on thinking of how much I missed summer. The wind seemed to be going right through my dark and long cashmere jacket and I made sure it was securely buttoned before continuing on my way.

I passed by the bookstore that I had gotten all of Bella’s books from. I spotted Mr. Bennett behind the cash register, the store busy. That was good; at least the store was doing well.

Collin, Leo, and I had spent hours in the store as children. Collin’s grandfather was the owner, so as long as we didn’t disrupt anything, we could go anywhere we wanted. We usually spent the afternoon propped up behind the register, talking or reading. Mr. Bennett used to give us candy, and would read to us or tell us stories. He had helped me buy all of Bella’s new books for a family discount price.

I continued to walk down the sidewalk, my shopping bags in hand. I wanted to be out of the cold as soon as possible, but I still needed to find Bella a gift. I let out a gust of air-with each store window I passed nothing stood out.

Christmas was tomorrow, and we would be going to Uncle George and Aunt Jane’s home for Christmas dinner. It was nice of them to host it this year, because we couldn’t. Mother and Father were a little old to be putting on such a huge dinner party as well.

I was starting to lose hope. I knew I was not going to go home without a gift for her…but nothing seemed...good enough. It was then that something caught my eye. It was shining even in the dark sky. I crossed to the other side of the sidewalk and stopped in front of the window.

It was a gold locket….the words ‘I Love You’ engraved on the front. It looked like it opened and had a space for a picture inside. It would be perfect. It was something she could wear…but then it was special and personalized as well. I walked into the store and asked for it from the display window.

“Are you buying this for somebody special, sir?” the store keeper asked as I handed him money. I smiled,

“Yes, my wife.” I nodded.

“Well, she is sure to like this. Have a Merry Christmas.” He handed me a dark blue velvet box in a bag. I took it and nodded again,

“You too, sir.” I walked back out into the cold, finally relived that my wife would have a gift she would hopefully love for Christmas.


A pleasant chorus of ‘Merry Christmas’ greeted Bella and I as we walked through the door of Jane and George’s illuminated home. Bella had her gold locket around her neck. She told me this morning that she adored it, and I was very happy of that fact. I had gotten a picture of us and placed it inside before I had given it to her. She had said she loved that part the best.

“Bella! Edward!” wind chime bells sang. I looked around before I found the source of greeting. Diana skipped happily to our sides in a festive red Christmas dress, a white bow in her blond curls.

“Hello Di!” Bella scooped up Diana into her arms. I beamed-Bella was looking so much better. I missed her smile-I hadn’t seen it in a little over two weeks.

Diana smiled and waved to me before throwing her arms around Bella’s neck. Bella winked at me before turning to her right and into the sitting room. A large Christmas tree was inside, with many different presents wrapped underneath. I knew Aunt Jane loved to decorate her Christmas trees differently every year, and this year the theme seemed to be the traditional green and red. Last year it was red and gold, and the year before that green and silver.

As dinner was served and conversations were carried out, I watched how Bella was doing. She smiled and talked, and over all seemed to be doing perfectly fine- for being in a social event so close after her parent’s deaths. Perhaps she was finally coming back to normal; at least, I hoped she was.

Mother loved her bracelet and put it on immediately after she opened her present. Father thanked us profusely for the pen, of which he claimed he desperately needed for work. Aunt Jane took the vase and switched out flowers from another vase and into it right away-she and Uncle George thought it was perfect. Diana took out her doll and held it out before her for about a second before hugging it to her and kissing it. She had everyone wrapped in her little finger, making us all smile and beam as she played with her ‘Alice’ doll (which she had insisted on naming it).

“Merry Christmas, love.” I whispered to Bella as I held her. We were in our room, almost asleep.

“Merry Christmas.” She whispered back. I kissed her forehead,

“It’s our first Christmas together.” I murmured. In the faint light I saw her smile,

“It is.” She had her eyes closed, but kissed my hand. “I love you.” she whispered.

“I love you too.” Her hand touched her locket once before falling asleep. I hugged her close to me and let unconsciousness take over as well.