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img123/4131/fallenbannerld6.png Edward said it himself: "Even the strongest of us fall off the wagon sometimes." Emmett didn't mean to. He just...couldn't control his instincts.

Well. Kaiwynn said I had to write a new fic. And here it is. It is.. 5:23 A.M. Same as with my other fics, if you like it, I"ll keep going. If not...then I stop. Fair enough? So..to let me know that you like it, review!!

1. Fallen

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It had been almost two weeks, pushing on three, since I had hunted. Seventeen to be exact. Too long...

The thirst was overpowering, clouding my thoughts and burning in my throat. It made it hard to concentrate to the point where I stopped trying to focus at all. My mind wandered aimlessly, almost thoughtlessly.

"Emmett." Her voice startled me, liberating me from my trance-like sate.

"What?" I murmured, already starting to drift off again.

"Emmett, you need to hunt. Now. This is getting ridiculous."

"I'm fine Rose...just a little tired."

"That's my point. You don't get tired. You're thirsty and you need to hunt, so let's go," she insisted, tugging me to my feet.

I wobbled a bit and she sighed, grumbling quietly. She put an arm across my shoulders, supporting me as I swayed again. The other, she crouched down to slide behind my knees. In a single, fluid movement she had picked me up and was now proceeding towards the woods.

"Hey! Aren't I supposed to carry you?" I asked. The words came out half-strangled and almost in-decipherable.

She shook her head.

"Don't even start. There's no way in hell you'd be able to carry me like this. I don't even think you're capable of snapping a tree branch at this point. So, just shut up and enjoy the ride while you can."

Suddenly, I was standing up again, head swimming. Rosalie stood ot my left, eyeing me carefully. She raised a perfectly arched eyebrow.


"Well, what?"

"Are you going to hunt or just stand there?"


"Then, start running. Watch for a scent, follow it, and I assume you'll be taken over by instinct at that point so...have at it."

She looked at me expectantly. I started moving forward, picking up speed as I progressed. The trees whizzed past me as I accelerated, nostrils pricking when I caught a scent.

A human.

The voice wasn't familiar, but it was alone. Talking to herself?, I wondered.it was highly unpleasant, extremely high-pitched and loud.

Walk. It was a command.

Walk. Don't stop. Lure her in. My instincts were screaming.

I approached the girl. She was no more than nineteen. Twenty maybe. She looked up in surprise, eyes flickering across my muscled chest. I continued my progress toward her, flashing a beautific smile. I could hear her heart falter. I held out a hand to her.

"Hello there," I purred. I could hear the honey dripping from my own voice.

Her eyes became glassy as she took my hand cautiously. She jumped a little at the icy temperature, but eventually settled her warm hand back into mine.

Make her trust you.

"I'm Emmett. I just moved here... Thought I'd explore the woods here. What's your name?" I asked sweetly, my black eyes capturing hers.

"Lindsey." She swallowed, hard.

Her eyes shifted away from my face and to our hands, which were still clasped. I met her gaze once again and I could feel her protective walls collapse.

You've got her now. You've won, now collect your prize.

I couldn't hold back any longer. The thirst was gnawing at my self-control. Dancing up and down in my head and pulling insistantly on my civility.

I stalked closer to her, eyes never leaving hers. I placed a cool hand on her neck, thumb brushing the cavity where her pulse throbs percussively underneath the skin. She leans into my touch.

She barely has time to scream as I grab the other side of her neck and snap it neatly. The bones make a sickening, yet somehow satisfying, snapping sound as her heartbeat starts to fade.

Drink now! Before it stops.

My teeth sink into her flesh easily. I cannot stop drinking. This blood so much sweeter, so much better in every way than the animal blood to which I am accustomed. I keep sucking at the crescent shaped wound until everylastdrop is gone from her body. I let go and the body falls limply to the ground.

White. Bloodless. Still. Dead.

Without warning, reality snaps back. I direct my gaze downward, expecting to find a deer or a bear carcass, but instead...a girl.

Holy. Shit.

I just killed her. I just drank from her.

"Oh shit. Fuck! What am I going to tell Rosalie? Carlisle? Aw FUCK!" I scream, running my hands frantically through my messy curls.

I ran. I ran through the thick blanket of trees and straight through to the house. I paced around upstairs, shouting at myself for being so stupid.

My eyes dart past the bathroom. Shower. Hot water. I speed through the door, blasting the water onto the cool tiles, turning the faucet all the way to the left.

I step in, not even bothering to undress. The scorching water merely feels comforting and warm as it beats down against my icy skin. My back hits the wall and I sink down to the ground, knees against my chest, head resting on top of them.

Maybe, Rosalie was right. Maybe I am a monster.