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img123/4131/fallenbannerld6.png Edward said it himself: "Even the strongest of us fall off the wagon sometimes." Emmett didn't mean to. He just...couldn't control his instincts.

Well. Kaiwynn said I had to write a new fic. And here it is. It is.. 5:23 A.M. Same as with my other fics, if you like it, I"ll keep going. If not...then I stop. Fair enough? So..to let me know that you like it, review!!

3. (In)Sensitvity

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There was nothing to feel anymore. I had lost that right and I knew it. I was a horrible, horrible monster. Taking the life of a young girl like that, for what? To satisfy my sick, animalistic, masochistic desires? I'm such an awful, no good, mother-

"Em!" she cries, frustrated.

"What?" I grumble, reluctant to meet her eyes.

"Stop thinking like that," she commands, eyes wild.

"Like what?"

"That you're a heartless, emotion-less monster. It's written all over your face."

"I can't feel anything anymore. You saw just now," I insist.

"Damn it, Emmett... So, what? Does this mean you don't love me anymore or something?" she demands, running her hands through her hair frantically.

"I... I wish that..I want to. But... Nothing will change what I've just done."

"You can still feel plenty damn well," she snarls, standing up now.

"Really?" I challenge, "Prove it."

Now I've done it. Damn snarkiness.

She springs lightly onto the bed, pinning me down, her lips inches from my face. I cringe, anticipating her certain anger and ferocity. But instead, she drops her head down to my chest, letting her lips brush lightly across my collar bone.

"Emmett," she says, sitting on top of me now, " Touch me."

"Where?" I mumble, focusing on her eyes.

"Anywhere. Anywhere you feel compulsed to."


I run a hand over her wrist, then her forearm. She keeps her eyes locked with mine, not glancing at my hands. I raise an eyebrow, moving my other hand to her waist, thumb stroking her shirt upward. Her neck strains as she clenches her jaw.

"I'm not going to start feeling anything if you're going to be a living statue," I tease sarcastically.

"Oh really? Well fine then. Take something off."

"I'm only in boxers, remember?"

"Of me, Emmett."


She closes her eyes and her hands curl into fists on my chest. I smirk before gripping the edges of her silky shirt. I work my hands up her sides, pulling the shirt up and over her head. She shivers, hands shifting to my neck and tangling in the downy curls there.

"How are you holding up?" I ask, mockingly.

Her eyes flick open, glaring at me.

"Are you honestly completely unaffected by this?" she hisses.




"Yes. Fine. Bite me."


"Anywhere you like."

I put one hand behind her head, pulling it down towards mine. My eyes meet hers, just for a moment, and then I close my teeth on her earlobe. She groans. I smile to myself, tongue flicking her neck. Her grip on my hair tightens.

"Damn it, Emmett," she breathes.

"What?" I ask innocently.



"Nothing. Kiss me."


"However you like."

I hesitate, contemplating.

"And if I can't?"

"If you can't, then I would assume that you were repulsed by me and no longer loved me. Which, I think, would be a hideous overreaction."


"Would you rather I take requests from you? A different sort of therapy, I suppose.."


"Then...tell me something," she whispers.

"Brush your hair back," I mumble.

She does. Her still damp hair flips over her shoulders, smacking her back with a dull thud. Her shirt, previously removed by me, is of little importance. She stretches her arms over her head, the bones cracking. Her black lacy bra occupies my immediate vision and I snap my mouth shut childishly. It is her turn to smirk.

"Anything else?" she asks, eyebrows raised.

"Tell me something," I choke out.

"All right then. Emmett, I love you. No matter how many sensless humans you kill, no matter how many times you frustrate me, no matter how badly you screw up, I will always love you. But, continuing with this 'I'm an emotion-less beast' crap is getting us nowhere. It's your choice. And your turn to request something too."

"Kiss me?" I whisper weakly.

"Of course."

When she finally kisses me, I can't believe how wrong I was. I do need this, so I must have at least some emotions. Her lips move more urgently now, pulling on mine. Her hands grasp my head, lowering it to her neck. I press my lips along her neck and down to her collar bone, my hands fumbling with the buttons of her jeans.

*insert graphic beginning of smut scene here*

"Rose... Rosalie," I gasp.

She pulls her mouth from my neck.

"Emmett?" she pants.

"I'm sorry about before...I really do love you."

She shifts on me. I groan.

"I know. I love you too." Her breathing is heavy, blowing against my chest.

*insert more smut scene here*

The door clicks shut. Carlisle is back. Shit.