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Jacob Black

Just a look into Jacob's mind, and well, as much as I dislike him right now, everyone deserves a happy ending.


1. Chapter 1

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I was finally alone. Jacob Black was gone. I didn't have to worry about anything now.

But I kept thinking about her. Her and the bloodsucker. Her in a white dress. Her with red eyes and snow white skin.

I tried very hard to just be a wolf. But Bella, she consumed my wolf mind just as much as my human one. I couldn't even remember when we had been happy together. All I could think about was her and Edward. Married.

It was soothing for awhile, thinking about how happy we could have been together, and how I knew she loved me, but it never lasted long. She loved him more. She choose him.

Did she really say she loved me? Did she really kiss me back? It seemed quite plausible that I made it up now. Everything between me and her just seemed like a distant memory, easily distorted.

I suddenly felt very selfish. I wanted someone to talk to. To bear my heart and soul to. Someone to tell me I did all I could, that Bella choose wrong, that she had made a huge mistake. I knew the person I would tell if I was talking about someone else. I'd tell Bella.

I couldn't bother the pack with this now either, Leah had made it clear I'd been enough of a burden. Leah... her name made me feel strange for some reason. I dismissed it to anger.

And in almost an instant Bella was back on my mind. Bella, Bella, Bella, I was pretty sure I'd drive myself insane. I hated all the doubts that slipped there way into my mind with her gone. Like did she even like me? Was the look on her face real happiness or was she just pretending?

Thinking of the first time I saw her felt so long ago now. When I was still young and naive. I knew even then, she never looked frightened when I told her the stories of vampires and werewolves. Edward seemed to have such a strong hold on her, even then.

I felt horrible wishing that Edward would go away again, wishing that Bella would be broken. I wanted to be there to help her get over him, if she'd just try.

I lied down, and them curled in a ball. My shaggy fur suddenly started to annoy me. As soon as I was comfortable my mind wandered to the only place it could go. Bella, Bella, Bella...

I couldn't believe she'd agreed to a wedding. She hated parties. But she'd do it for him. I winced at the last thought, although it wasn't Edward's idea to have a proper wedding, I still blamed him. Maybe I should ve fought harder. I can't help but compare myself to him. I mean I'm not bad looking, but I do think he has a certain unfair advantage there. I felt silly thinking Bella would choose just over looks.

Maybe it was because Edward had gone with the noble, unselfish path, while I just went with the selfish one. I guess solitude makes you take a good look at yourself.

I heard some of the surrounding bushes move, so I jumped up. Leah Clearwater pushed away at the branches and walked over to me. I phased back into human. I was about to ask her what she was doing here, but then I looked at her face...

She looked so shocked, probably at the look on my face. That scowl was gone and she looked like she used to, beautiful.

It happened so quick, like a stamp being pressed on a clean sheet off paper. No matter how hard you rub the ink, it'll always be there, a constant fact no one can deny. I grinned widely. Leah was confused but a small smile spread across her lips.

I understood now, the way Sam looked at Emily, and how Jared looked at Kim.