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It's Alice's Birthday!! Alice and Jasper go hunting before Bella comes over, to make sure Jasper isn't thirsty. Right as they arrive at the park, they come across a band of hikers, one of which is bleeding.


1. Chapter 1

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Alice flew down the stairs at the Cullen home, coming to a screeching halt in front of a serious Edward.

“Happy Birthday Alice,” he said sincerely with a smile, before getting to the point. That’s what Alice loved about Edward. He didn’t beat around the bush. “Make sure Jasper gets enough. I don’t want him thirsty around Bella, knowing her, something will go wrong. It always does.” He said, the corners of his lips twitching.

Alice smiled, as a dazed look came over Edward’s face. She waited patiently for a second as he daydreamed, like he always did when he said her name. She could never repay Bella for the happiness she gave him. He was like a different person, the hungry, lonely look he once had, gone leaving no trace of the lines that used to crease his forehead in sorrow.

As she thought of this, he came to, and was back to his urging, over-protective self. He repeated the instructions again, Alice’s smile faltering for a second as she said seriously,

“I will.” She embraced Edward briefly and then dashed out the door.

She couldn’t wait! Who cares if she didn’t know when her real birthday was?! Really, she thought as a shy smile lit her perfect features, it should be an anniversary. An anniversary of her one true love, the one who made her whole life start. Jasper.

“Jasper,” she whispered, to herself as it would seem to any human, but Jasper appeared instantly by her side.

As if he read her thoughts, (well, her feelings really) a wave of calm engulfed her, partly just by seeing his face, and partly because of his gift. He turned to face her, and embraced her tightly, pressing her to him in his iron grip. He pressed his marble lips to her hair, not unlike Edward did constantly with Bella (except he didn’t have to resist drinking her blood all the time)

Alice sighed in content. Jasper would be fine. He had been working so hard! She hoped all his resisting would be enough today, if something happened similar to Bella’s Birthday, at her birthday party. She wouldn’t even have to wait that long. T

hey arrived in the park quickly, like always. Alice looked up at Jasper and sighed happily. He was her other half. Her better half, she thought. Glancing down at Alice, he noticed her staring.

“What?” he questioned softly.

Lovingly wrapping her arms around his waist, she tilted her face upward and whispered, “I Love you.”

With such love in his beautiful dark eyes, he lowered his face to hers and brushed her closed eyelids with his lips, skimming down her nose to meet his lips with hers. His hands moved from her shoulders to cup her face. She opened her eyes after a long moment and playfully tweaked his nose.

“We have work to do.” A

bout to run, they suddenly froze. Jasper sniffed the air, and then crouched down on all fours.

“No!” Alice screamed, desperately grabbing him by the shoulders.

He twisted his body to glare at her with fierce, hungry eyes. He snarled. There were hikers on the trail. One was bleeding.