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It's Alice's Birthday!! Alice and Jasper go hunting before Bella comes over, to make sure Jasper isn't thirsty. Right as they arrive at the park, they come across a band of hikers, one of which is bleeding.


2. Chapter 2

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They were getting closer by the second...

Alice didn't know what to do!

How could she stop him!

She was faster, and her sight helped, but how could she best him??

She loved him more than anything; she promised him, promised him that she would never let him slip up, and now, he was about to make himself a monster.

What could she do?

She looked at him with sadness. This wasn't her Jasper.

She sighed, and he turned slowly in his crouch to gaze at her.

His eyes were wild, his breathing ragged.

This wasn't her Jasper.

He was a monster.

She could hear their voices now, their feet crunching the dead leaves underfoot, their innocent laughter, laughing at some dirty boy joke.

Like children, Alice thought, like helpless children.

She tried to think quickly, but as each step brought these people closer to their doom she became more and more hysterical.

She looked into the future and saw Jasper's red eyes, Jasper throwing away all of his hard work...

Ruining the family's carefully concealed identity, the whole family having to escape...

Bella sobbing as she knew she had to leave Charlie and her mother behind....

Charlie's heart broken when he sees Bella's bed empty....

She couldn't, no she wouldn't let this happen.

Alice looked into these hiker’s futures.



Jasper wouldn’t be able to help himself.

She looked into her family’s.

Carlisle and Esme would, of course, forgive him.

She looked at Edward’s.

He was condescending, angry, that Jasper would rip Bella away from her last human experiences.

“How could he??” Edward snarled to himself.

Edward’s face showed his thoughts like a book in her mind.

How could he ruin someone else’s human life? My fiancé’s!"

Alice looked farther into the future, her heart in agony.

What could she do?! All of these thoughts went through her mind in a split second.

In that split second, as Jasper scanned the trees, he looked at Alice, and felt her distress.

He hated it when she was in pain, and in this instant, he felt normal, human even.

For that instant, for that split second, he forgot about the enticing, overwhelming sent of the man’s blood, the drop on this man’s tasty finger, the roaring sound of the blood in his veins, his heart beating like a bass drum.

Doused suddenly with a wave of emotion, doused in her pain, he swam in it, no, he drowned in it, and soon he found himself gasping for air like he was actually underwater.

He felt her hysteria; he knew that she knew that she couldn’t stop him.


Why was she guilty???

He stopped shifting through her emotions for a second as he contemplated that.

Focus on that, he said to himself. Anything to…

He was back in hunting mode, his eyes wide, and his teeth bared and dangerous.

How could he have even stopped for that long?!

He had to keep his eye on the prize!

The blood, the scent of it.

He reveled in the aroma of man’s sent.

Would he kill the hikers too?

That would be a feast!

Maybe Alice would want……

No. He thought with a snarl. She was a baby, wanting to protect the poor little humans.

They were his.

All his.