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It's Alice's Birthday!! Alice and Jasper go hunting before Bella comes over, to make sure Jasper isn't thirsty. Right as they arrive at the park, they come across a band of hikers, one of which is bleeding.


3. Chapter 3

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They arrived.

All four of them, with a breeze wafting their scents right under Jasper's nose just as they entered the clearing.

Jasper thought quickly.

If he got the two flanking the hurt one, the last one of to the right he could deal with later.

Two seconds, and he would be satisfied, their beating hearts silenced, their blood coursing through his veins.

Two seconds and...

He looked over at Alice,For just a fraction of a second his eyes darted toward his love.

He wavered.

A thousand images overwhelmed him, her touching his face, him caressing her skin, wrapping his arms around her.

Her smile.

Her touch.

Her laugh.

Her disappointment.

Tears streaked her face, her eyes wild with desperation, her face pleading, but no hope in her eyes.

She knew the truth.

He wouldn't be able to resist.

Would she want him after this??

Would she love him still?

Blood filled his body; the smell of desire overwhelmed him.

Who cared?

He could resist. It was time to finally taste blood again.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!" Alice screamed suddenly.

She threw herself in front of him just before he darted toward the hikers.

The hikers’ faces were full of shock, their eyes terrified, but of what, they didn't know.

Their instincts were crying to run but they couldn't move.

The moment seemed frozen in time.

Nobody moved for what seemed like an eternity.

Jasper stopped breathing.

In a normal situation this would be an issue, but in this case, this was VERY good.

If he could calm down and get the scent of blood from his mind, he could possibly master it.

He struggled with it, tried so hard.

He thought he had it, he thought he was safe.

He relaxed and took a breath....

Jasper was gone.

He jumped in a great bound, side-stepping Alice and threw himself at the one on the left of the injured one.

Pinning the human down, he knew he had him.

Hesitating for just a fraction of a second, he inhaled the scent of the man he was about to kill.

He had waited too long.

Alice sprung onto his back, pinched his nose, and covered his mouth.

Having the element of surprise on her hands, (ha hah, get the joke? guess not) he didn't expect it.

He fell forward on what would have been the hiker if at the moment Jasper had released him; he hadn't scrambled out of the way.

Instead Jasper face-planted into a forest floor full of twigs and creepy-crawly things.

The hikers ran, their bodies making large crashes through the forest.

Jasper could hear the sound of twigs breaking and dead leaves crunching under their feet as they ran, terrified.

From him.

They were safe.

He was a monster.

There wasn’t a doubt about it.

He didn’t deserve to be with people like Alice.

He didn’t deserve to live with a man like Carlisle.

He didn’t deserve to have a mother like Esme.

He didn’t deserve any of it.

His family didn’t deserve having scum like him, a monster like him, being burdened by his weaknesses.

They deserved a normal, quiet life.

Bella and Edward deserved to be safe.

Without the fear of him attacking Bella whenever she gets a paper cut.

It was time.

Time to leave.