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Bella had hurt Jacob more than she or anyone else could ever know. He was sent into an insane rage after she had made her decision between his friendship or Cullen's love. Jacob was sick of competing for her attention. It was time to take matters into his own hands. He was going to get over her --make her jealous, and he would never expect what had happened in his journey of doing so. ECLIPSE SPOILER WARNING

This is my version of Eclipse through Jacob's eyes.

1. Chapter 1

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Jacob was sent into an insane rage as he stormed back to his house. Bella had chosen Edward. Of course he had always known she would reject him for the bloodsucker, but it seemed as though the decision required no thought on her part. It hurt him more than she or anyone else could ever know and he would never speak of it again. He would never speak to her again.

“Careful, you don’t want to break this house down.” warned Billy, eyeing Jacob suspiciously as he stomped all the way to his closet-sized room. He could tell something was wrong, but he would have to give Jacob time…

The angry teenager slammed the door to his room shut and gripped onto the headboard of his bed for support. He didn’t understand why Bella had affected him so much, she was just another girl and they were only friends.

“You’ll see, Bella. You don’t have any power over me. You or that bloodsucking piece of shit.” he spat, glaring outside to a day that would have seemed beautiful if he hadn’t just received a proverbial slap in the face.


“Don’t worry about it, Jake. She’s just one of them.” spoke the reassuring voice of Sam Uley. Jacob sat in his house, poking at the food that Emily had served him. He didn’t know what to think. He wanted to be fine with Bella’s decisions, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her or the way their friendship used to be.

“She’s not one of them,” Jacob replied through clenched teeth. “They brainwashed her.”

Emily crossed her arms and looked at Sam as if to tell him to say something.

“How about we go to Port Angeles? Grab some food…catch up on the latest movie or something,” suggested Sam, his eyes worried as he looked at Jacob. “It would do you good to get out of this place.”

Jacob placed his fork on the plate and finally glanced up at the two people in front of him. He nodded and pushed his chair back. “Billy put you up to this, didn’t he?”

Sam and Emily exchanged worried glances. “No, he didn’t,” Emily suddenly said, pulling out a chair for herself. “We’re just worried about you, Jake. You don’t look well.” She placed her hand on his and clasped.

Jacob tore his hand away and stood up. “Well, forget it,” He stomped towards their front door and tried to ignore their calls for him. “I’m out of here.”


The day was almost as horrible as Jacob felt. He was sitting on a rock and watching as the tide rose higher and higher. The exact spot where Bella almost drowned, she really did act idiotically at times. He felt sickened as the image of her brought a smile to his face. She hurt him more than she could ever imagine, but he still couldn’t find it in his heart to hate her the way his mind was telling him. No matter what she did, he would always care about her and he hated the fact as much as he hated being a monster.

His eyes darted to the woods as a scream was heard. The high pitch of it made it obvious that it belonged to a girl.


He heaved himself of the rock and ran to the edge of the forest before stopping in his tracks.

What am I doing? The bloodsucker will save her. That’s his job…not mine.

Jacob stood there, unsure of his next move. Evidently, Cullen wasn’t there to save her from whatever it was. He had no choice but to follow her voice in hopes of finding her in one piece.

I’ll save her and leave it at that…this is the last time…

No matter how many times Jacob promised himself that this would be the last time, he knew in his mind that he would always come running if Bella was in danger. Whether Cullen was there or not. The twigs cut through his flesh as he ran deeper into the forest. The screams were growing louder and longer. For a second, he didn’t recognize who it was. Had it been that long since he’d seen her?

“Bella!” he called out into the wilderness. His voice was hoarse as his began to lose breath.

The screams had finally stopped as Jacob saw a figure crumpled by a tree. It was obviously a girl, she was petite and had brown curls of hair.

“Bella? I didn’t know you dyed your --” Jacob’s voice came to a halt as the girl turned her head, his eyes widened for a split second.

“Wh-who’s Bella?” she croaked. Tears were streaming down her pale skin. Jacob stood there staring at her in shock. He was convinced it was her.

“I-I’m sorry,” he tried to regain himself. “I thought you were my f-I thought you were someone I knew.”

Her piercing, emerald eyes explored him and soon he found himself feeling a little insecure. She was unfamiliar and had obviously wandered to the wrong side of the woods. Jacob took a step closer and stopped as she flinched.

“Where am I?” she asked, fresh tears streaming down her face.

“You’re in a dangerous place right now,” he said, trying to remain calm as he approached her. Jacob crouched down and kneeled on one knee. “What happened?”

She shook her head slowly and buried her face into her hands. “I-I saw something…”

He knew the answer before she had spoken. She had seen one of his kind, which was clear since she was exploring on their territory. He would tell no one, she was simply an innocent tourist.

“What exactly did you see?” h e asked, trying to keep his voice calm. She was in a delicate state, but he needed to know who from their pack was guarding without the consent of the others.

“I-I don’t know. I just remember being pushed into this tree and…and..” She gasped for air and closed her eyes. “I saw a pair of eyes…staring straight at me…”

Jacob swallowed hard. If she knew what it really was, she would tell someone and soon animal control would be all over their land.

“It was probably just a bear,” he said reassuringly. Jacob’s hand floated above hers. “There’s been loads of bear attacks recently. You’re lucky you didn’t get hurt.”

She opened her eyes and took hold of his hand as he hoisted her off her feet.

“What’s your name?” he asked, noticing that she looked somewhere close to his age. She obviously wasn’t from Forks otherwise he would have known her.

“Leah, Leah Bristol.” she said quietly, realizing how tall and built he was. He noticed how she back away a little bit as he stood his full length. He was after all, an intimidating person.

“I’m Jacob Black,” he said, running a hand through his mat of messy, black hair.