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Bella had hurt Jacob more than she or anyone else could ever know. He was sent into an insane rage after she had made her decision between his friendship or Cullen's love. Jacob was sick of competing for her attention. It was time to take matters into his own hands. He was going to get over her --make her jealous, and he would never expect what had happened in his journey of doing so. ECLIPSE SPOILER WARNING

This is my version of Eclipse through Jacob's eyes.

2. Chapter 2

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They strolled out of the forest in silence, the night sky was starting to creep through the clouds. Leah shivered and crossed her arms over her chest.

"You're not from around here, are you?"

"No, I'm here visiting my cousin Angela." she replied shortly, evidently avoiding eye contact with Jacob's intimidating gaze. The same way Bella had when he had finally finished the transformation. The thought brought shivers down his spine. There he was, walking with a completely innocent girl, who knew nothing of the goings on in Forks, Washington.

"Do you know your way back?" he asked, his eyes darted to her.

She shook her head in response and followed him out of the forest.

"You cold?" he asked casually, trying not to sound cliché.

Leah flinched a little bit before nodding her head slowly. Jacob stifled a laugh as they approached his newly-repaired car. He held open the door for her and was surprised to see that she climbed inside. For all she knew, she could have gotten in a car with a monster.

He started the engine and began to back out of the gravel and onto the pavement. "You're not going to murder me, are you?"

Jacob's face broke into a smile as he chuckled with laughter for the first time in months. It had been so long since he had let go of the weight that had formed ever since he had transformed.

"Well, I usually wait until it's Full Moon." he said mockingly.

She has no idea...

Both of them erupted in laughter as he drove down the road towards the residential area. He knew nothing about Leah Bristol except for the fact that she was visiting one of Bella's best friends. He silently wondered whether or not she knew Bella.

"How old are you?" asked Leah, breaking his thoughts.

"16, but I'll be 17 in about 4 months." He tried not to be amused by her shock. Many times Jacob had been told that he looked not a day under 18.

"I just turned 16 a few days ago..." Leah said breathlessly, still in shock.

They drove and continued small talk for the rest of the way until Jacob reached the address she told him. He took his keys out of the ignition.

"Well, here we are."

Leah smiled thankfully. "You're a life saver," she said, placing a hand on his shoulder. His body heated as she touched him. "Literally."

You really have no idea, Leah Bristol.

"No problem," he said, trying to keep his tone casual. The last time he had given a girl a lift, they had almost kissed. However, he had just met Leah Bristol and it was evident that she found him far too intimidating to see again. Not that he had already been thinking about something more than what they already had -which was barely anything. "How did you get all the way to the forest, anyway?"

Leah exhaled deeply and her cheeks burned red. "I had a little argument with my cousin's friend...you might know her -Bella Swann?"

Jacob's eyes widened and he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. Bella had drove Leah all the way to the other side of town. He couldn't help but wonder what they had fought about.

"Well, I kind of stormed out of the house and caught a bus to God knows where..." He could tell she was envisioning what she had seen earlier that day. "Thanks for the ride, though."

Jacob nodded and watched as she jogged towards the front door through the rain. He waited until someone opened the door before speeding off into the night. Lost in his own thoughts -this time, they weren't about Bella.


"You seem cheery this morning..." Billy looked over his newspaper at Jacob and watched his son shovel down the food on his plate.

Jacob smiled with his cheeks filled. "Being angsty was boring." And with that, he wiped his mouth with his napkin and glided across the floor to their front door.

"I'll be back before supper." He hollered from outside.

He didn't know why his mood had suddenly changed so quickly. He had just woken up that morning with a smile on his face, something that hadn't happened in ages. Ever since that days when he and Bella used to fix the motorbikes -well, when Bella used to watch HIM fix them.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" asked Sam Uley, pulling up in their drive way with his pick-up truck.

"I don't know, to tell you the truth." Jacob said freely, opening the door to his car and climbing inside.

Sam narrowed his eyes before rushing over and holding Jacob's car door open. "We need to talk inside for a moment."

Jacob shut the door with raised eyebrows before following Sam into his house. Billy was still sitting at the kitchen table with the newspaper in his hands. "Sam, sit down."

His voice sounded as though he was expecting the visit. Jacob stared between them and wondered what was going on.

"Embry imprinted." Sam said bluntly, looking Billy straight in the eyes. Billy's worn out face broke into a smile at the sound of the news.

"Wonderful news, to Jocelyn?" Sam nodded and kept his composure. Jacob wasn't sure what was going on, or what the hell imprinting was.

"What's this all about?" he finally asked, crossing his arms from not being included in the news.

Billy looked strangely at Sam who suddenly darted his eyes away. "You didn't tell him?"

Sam shook his head and slowly turned to Jacob. "Imprinting...every member of the pack will do it."

"How come I never heard about it?" Jacob asked in a childish tone. He sure did look like a 25 year old but he still had the mind of a teenage boy.

Billy put his hand up to stop Sam from talking. "It is a sacred part of this tribe. You will imprint on a female and she will be your soul mate for the rest of the existence."

Both men drew offended expressions as Jacob broke out into laughter. "You mean like love at first sight?" His tone was mocking.

Sam furrowed his eyebrows and glared. "Not quite. This is an essential and should be taken seriously. You too, will imprint."

"Doubtful." Murmured Jacob, thinking to the only girl he had ever considered dating and how she was probably in the arms of a foul, bloodsucking beast.

"It will happen, Jacob," Sam suddenly looked down at his feet. "Whether you want it to or not."

"Did it happen to you?" Jacob suddenly asked. "With Emily?"

Sam nodded and pushed back on his chair. "I should be leaving. There's going to be a pack meeting tomorrow."