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A Well Timed Enchantment

This story takes place where eclipse leaves off. The volturi get into some trouble with the wrong people and need the cullens help. Will they help them? Will bella and edward keep their realationship going till the end of time or will they go their seperate ways?

i want more reveisw ive had only 8 reveiws and 210 readers! there is something wrong here! if you have read chapter2 as of 12:00pm aug. 302007 reread cause the chapter notes are different!!

1. Chapter 1~ uexpected visit {from bellas POV}

Rating 4/5   Word Count 710   Review this Chapter

I stood looking in the full length mirror at my ordinary profile. The dark, skin tight jeans that Alice decided to force me into looked like they belonged on Rose; the cropped, black v-neck that contrasted with my light skin and to top that all off, the stunning ring that was never absent from my finger; a shinning gold band inlaid with small diamonds and a princess cut topaz stone that glittered in the early morning sunlight. The words engraved on the inside were “To my angel, you are my life and I promise you forever.”

I looked like an ordinary girl standing there just peering at myself. If only you knew, my life was like a fictional novel that had crazy plot twists and sudden death traps every where you looked. My werewolf best friend {Jacob Black} and vampire boyfriend {Edward Cullen}, they couldn’t seem to get along even for my sake. Not to mention all of the immortal creatures that had decided they wanted to kill me.

The bring bring of the door bell brought me out of my thoughts.

“Coming,” I yelled. I would bet my next paycheck that it was Alice, Edward's adoptive sister. She was forcing me to go shopping for wedding dresses, today. Ugh, I hate shopping!!!

Walking down the stairs I realized that my stomach was growling, garbing a granola bar from the kitchen I went to open the door.

“Alice, I really don’t……”I started but didn’t finish. I wasn’t staring in the face of a short pixie-like vampire, but into the faces of 10 very menacing vampires I never wanted to see at my door.


The screams echoed off the stone walls, I could still see their blood-red eyes in my minds eye. The thought of all those poor people dying just because the vampires in the next room were hungry made me shudder. Edward's comforting arms seemed to be too tense to feel comforting.


“May we come in, dear child?” A tall, pale figure asked. That was Aro, always calling me a child .”Is Edward here? I would like so much to talk to him.”

“Sorry to inform you, Aro but Edward isn’t here,” I said as politically and politely as possible.

“What did he run off and leave you again?” A shrill voice asked from behind Aro.

“Hello Jane, I didn’t see you there,” I said through grit teeth; I was the only person in the Cullen family who didn’t fear Jane and what she could do.” I’m sorry to say that Edward is out ……hunting.”

“Hunting for what…… a new girlfriend?” I was so furious I didn’t even notice Edwards arms encircling my waist and him kissing my ear, until he spoke up.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but the only girl for me is Bella.” He said, and I suddenly whipped around to stare at him.

“How did you get in here? I didn’t even notice you came in!” I exclaimed surprised, and then threw my arms around his neck and kissed him.

I felt him kiss me back, this kiss was lasting longer than any other kiss had. I heard Jane gag and I deepened the kiss taking it to the next level, I sighed into his mouth. His lips parted slightly and his tongue started to trace my bottom lip coaxing my mouth open. I opened my mouth ever so carefully and let his tongue slip in. The taste of him was intoxicating and instantly I wanted more; he was my life and my reason for living. We broke away panting slightly, I fear I would’ve fallen if Edward hadn’t been holding me up.

We turned back to the volturi and Edward looked questioningly at Aro.

“We need your help. We‘re having some trouble controlling a couple of people,” Aro said. “We need you and your family to come to Volterra.”
Would I survive this trip to Italy? I clung to Edward's shirt. The thought of going back to volterra was the worst I could ever imagine.

"i'm acting as if this blue sky's never going to rain down on me and i'm telling mysefl that this true loves never going to leave me lonly unless there's something i've missed i'm acting as if "