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A Well Timed Enchantment

This story takes place where eclipse leaves off. The volturi get into some trouble with the wrong people and need the cullens help. Will they help them? Will bella and edward keep their realationship going till the end of time or will they go their seperate ways?

i want more reveisw ive had only 8 reveiws and 210 readers! there is something wrong here! if you have read chapter2 as of 12:00pm aug. 302007 reread cause the chapter notes are different!!

2. Chapter 2~un expected visit {form edwards pov}

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Chapter 2

Edward’s POV:

I was in the house on the outskirts of Forks and all was uncommonly quiet, no birds or even vampires, just undead silence. Everyone was out hunting only I was at home, for they left early in the morning and at the time I was at Bella’s. I came home to change and to get my car I was going to take Bella to the meadow to day and talk to her about telling Charlie about our engagement, so she didn’t have to go shopping.

Edward? Alice’s thoughts came out of nowhere, her cool soprano voice ringing in my mind. I’m coming home we need to go to Bella’s. Everyone is coming with me.

Okay, I was still wondering why when her vision came into my mind.

The door way was light, Aro, Jane, Felix, Demetri, Cauise, and Marcus all stared straight at Bella, who had a look of sheer terror plastered on her face. Felix and Demetri reached for Bella and took her arms, carrying her out the door. They shoved Bella in the door of a car and I heard Demetri say “some incentive for the Cullens to help us”.

The vision faded as she burst through the door, her eyes full of hate, concern and fury. Jasper was right behind her looking very confused.

What the hell is going on? His thoughts were quick and annoyed. Emmett was just as confused as Jasper only he wanted to know if he was going to kick some werewolf ass. Rose’s thoughts contained concern for Bella and wondering if she would have to be protective.

“Edward, you need to go change Bella! They could hurt her and they will because they know we won't help unless they call off the deal.” Alice threw us straight into the conversation. I noticed that the others automatically stiffened when she said this. “Edward they will be here in 10 minuets! Do something before Bella gets hurt!!!!”

Jaspers thoughts popped into my head, Who’s gonna hurt Bella?

“No one!” I shouted, frustrated and very confused. “Alice, you didn’t explain your vision?”

“No!” she said, not looking at me or Jasper. “I thought I would let you.”

The Volturi? Emmett and Jasper asked at the same time.

“Yes,” I said not looking at either of them waiting for them to explode in my face.

“THEY WONT GET NEAR BELLA!!!!!” Emmett roared, and he looked pointedly at me “Are you just gonna stand there while they edge closer to her every minute? Do you want her to get hurt?”

“No…………I just …I” I stuttered.

“You don’t want to change her, because your afraid she'll hate you,” Jasper stated in a matter-of-fact tone. “Or are you just gonna let her die because your selfish and you don’t want to give up her warmth?”

They’ve never done this to me before ganged up on me. It hurt.

“No, I will not let her die, but I wont change her either. I made her a promise that I would change her after we’re married and the ax over her head is gone.” I said this and Alice gave me a look that said “if you don’t change her now I’ll kill you after I’ve cloned and reprogrammed you”.

“Five minutes,” Alice interjected.

“Lets go,” I ran out the door and made it to Bella’s house in record time. They were already there standing in the door way.

She’s so beautiful. Why did he chose her? And why cant my powers effect her? Why is he here?
Their thoughts came into my mind and I almost growled.

“I’m sorry to say that Edward is out ……hunting.” Bella said glaring at Jane.

“Hunting for what…… a new girlfriend?”

I went over to Bella and wrapped my arms around her waist, then proceeded to kiss her neck and ear.

“Sorry to disappoint you but the only girl for me is Bella.” I said and suddenly Bella was facing me.

“How did you get in here? I didn’t even notice you came in!” Bella exclaimed surprised and then threw her arms around my neck and kissed me .
I and to kiss her back even though it is not the appropriate time to be kissing I didn’t care, this kiss was lasting longer than any other kiss had. I heard Jane gag, as Bella deepened the kiss taking it to the next level. She sighed into my mouth and I couldn’t hold back any longer. My lips parted slightly and my tongue started to trace her bottom lip coaxing her mouth open. She opened her mouth ever so carefully and let my tongue slip in. The taste of her was intoxicating and instantly I wanted more, she was my life and my reason for living. {Not living} We broke away panting slightly, I fear she would’ve fallen if I hadn’t been holding her up.
We turned back to the Volturi and I looked questioningly at Aro.

“We need your help. We‘re having some trouble controlling a couple of people.” Aro said “We need you and your family to come to Volterra”

Bella clung to my shirt. I turned and went to Alice. “Should we?”

“Yes” I said considering my decision. “We’ll let Carlisle make the final decision.”

Then we took off with the Volturi at our heels. Since Bella was there it was heaven, smack in the middle of the worst hell.